Mental Health and Aging

3 Facts About Mental Health and Aging

Mental health and aging is a common concern for seniors. If you are a senior who may have a mental health issue, or if you care for an older adult who is struggling, know there is help. Talk to a professional and work through your problems.

Whether your problems are big or small, personal consulting can help you solve everyday issues. Working with Kendall of Van Blarcom Consulting, you can identify any problems you are experiencing or worrying about. From there, once your concerns are defined, you can adjust your life path and remove any obstacles, real or perceived, that are interfering with your own personal happiness. Mental health is an essential ingredient to good health and wellbeing.

Mental Health Fact 1: Healthy Aging Is Normal

We change as we grow older, but that does not mean you have to suffer. Mental health and aging can be a healthy process, anxiety and depression are not normal aspects of getting older. Yes, some forgetfulness might be normal, but persistent memory concerns are another matter. Additionally, while some sadness around losses in life is to be expected, dark depressive thoughts that do not dissipate are not.

There are stigmas around mental health issues, but help is available once you or the individual you love can be open and honest. Tell someone you care about or your health care provider about any symptoms or concerns.

Mental Health Fact 2: Your Mental Health Is Important for Your Physical Health

You need to be in a good place mentally to experience good physical health. Also, a good mindset is necessary to enjoy good health. Living in the present and taking inventory of your strengths are two of the many ways you can improve your life. Often, people will say it is not an event itself that determines if we are in a good or bad place, but it is our individual response to these events. This is where our own perception comes into play.

If you were hurt in the past and are coping with wound with substance abuse or poor quality of life, you are likely exacerbating the situation.

Mental Health Fact 3: Older Adults Have Unique Mental Health Needs

Every stage of life is not the same. Kendall understands this, he is a senior helping seniors. Not only do our bodies change as we age, but there are also adjustments in our relationships with friends and family as we age. Also, sometimes our living situation changes. All of these elements can have an impact on a senior citizen’s mental health.

If you are a senior citizen or are concerned about another older adult in your life, reach out for support. Contact Kendall Van Blarcom, a patient professional who is knowledgeable about mental health issues and aging.

You can improve your life. Happiness is possible at every age.

Kendall Van Blarcom is a senior helping seniors. Contact Van Blarcom Consulting today for help with your personal problems. Or, reach out to provide support for an older adult in your life.

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