Sometimes, all you need is a Patient Ear

Sometimes, all you need is a Patient EarMany of us will go leaps and bounds to improve our physical well-being. But what about our mental health? It’s very common for people to dismiss this notion and focus only on physical exercise and a healthy diet.

Physical vs Mental Health? Why not Both?

While it’s true that the physical realm has a positive impact on our mental well-being, we are constantly challenged by the situations we experience in everyday life.  Is there something causing stress and anxiety at work or at home? Or maybe you have experienced a sudden overwhelming change or challenge? It’s imperative that people in these situations seek the appropriate mental health counseling to mitigate these issues, but there is also another alternative.

Van Blarcom Consulting offers online personal consulting services to clients that just want to talk to someone about their everyday situations. Even though we do not offer professional psychotherapy services, online personal consulting tends to have positive therapeutic results.

Kendall is “A Senior Helping Seniors”

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Help is as Close as your Phone
Are you feeling “uneasy” about a situation in your life? Kendall Van Blarcom provides caring and compassion as your personal confidant, helping you overcome the obstacles standing in the way of your peace and joy. Sessions are conducted via a secure landline. Call for an appointment today.

Van Blarcom Consulting Mission Statement

To provide improved mental health support for seniors, education, and motivation to individuals having difficulty with life’s challenges, and to empower them to turn their life around so they can improve it with positive changes that will greatly influence their thoughts, feelings, and actions for the rest of their life.

Kendall E. Van Blarcom, Psy.M. Licensed Psychotherapist (Retired)


Please note: I do not offer the services of a virtual counselor, therapist or geriatric psychologist. Online personal consulting is not intended to take the place of traditional face-to-face therapy, clinical assessment or treatment.

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