4 Ways To Remember Things

There are tools to help remember things.

Memory is a strange and wonderful part of being alive. But sometimes it feels like we remember all the unimportant, trivial things and forget important items. If you are looking for ways to improve your memory, there are techniques to make it easier for you to remember things you wish to recall.

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Tips to Help You Remember Things

  • Bring it to mind just before you go to sleep. Memory researchers have found that thinking of something just before you fall into sleep is a powerful way to reinforce memory. For example, perhaps you want to remember to buy flowers for your spouse tomorrow at the supermarket. In this example, before going to sleep, imagine yourself walking into a familiar supermarket. Then, imagine yourself picking up and smelling some flowers. The connection between the two imaginings is solidified while you’re sleeping, and when you walk into the supermarket the next day, you’re more likely to think of flowers.
  • Create a mental memory tree. This works best with a group of items that are related in some way, for instance the crops exported by a particular country. Instead of simply trying to memorize the list of individual items, think of each crop as hanging on one branch of a tree – perhaps the heavier items on the larger branches near the bottom and the lighter ones on the smaller branches near the top. In a day or two, you’ll find that bringing the tree to mind and thinking of each branch will retrieve from memory the names of most or all of the crops.

Additional Techniques

  • Create a mnemonic association. We’ve all heard of this trick, which works well with names. If you have difficulty remembering the names of people you meet, take a moment to create some association with the name. For instance, if you’re introduced to a Bill Guest, you could imagine him as a hotel worker who would “bill” a hotel “guest.” If you fix this idea in your mind for a moment, it’s very likely you’ll remember the hotel association and then the name the next time you see the person.
  • Do a play-by-play. If you sometimes can’t remember whether you’ve completed some regular daily routine, this technique works well. So, if you tend to forget whether you’ve taken your morning pill, try talking through the action as you’re doing it: “I’m opening the pill bottle. I’m putting the pill on my tongue. I’m taking a sip of water.” Then, six hours later, you’ll remember having taken the pill.

Memory can play tricks on us, but we can also play tricks on memory. These techniques can help individuals to remember a few very important things.

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