5 Reasons Senior Citizens Should Use the Internet More

5 Reasons Senior Citizens Should Use the Internet More

5 Reasons Senior Citizens Should Use the Internet MoreOnly just above half of senior citizens use the Internet, and many of them don’t use it consistently. It’s a shame this is the case because most senior citizens can benefit highly from using the Internet more. Not only can it have an effect on the quality of their life, but it can also improve their life.

Personal Fulfillment

The American Association of Retired Persons reports seniors benefit from a sense of personal fulfillment. As people grow older, they often lose touch with friends and family. It’s difficult to make new connections with people because they are unable to participate in the activities they once enjoyed. The Internet has been able to help seniors reconnect with people and form new relationships.

Boosts Brain and Cognitive Longevity

With thousands of online activities for senior citizens to engage in, they are able to preserve and improve brain and cognitive functioning. Poland scientists conducted a study that found seniors 65 and 75 years of age were able to improve their memory, expand their attention and increase sequencing abilities by playing a series of computer games.

Motivates Seniors to Exercise More

The Internet has many articles and videos that teach people how to dance, do yoga, stretch, and other types of exercises. This has helped many seniors who don’t have access to recreation programs get the information they need to become more physically active.

Improves Social Relationships

People can forget how to interact with others when they isolate themselves for weeks, months, or even years for some. The Internet provides a place for senior citizens to exercise their social skills. They can join forums, groups, and social networks to interact with people. This can be incredibly helpful because you can approach relationships offline the same way you do online.

Decreases Depression

Seniors who are active mentally, physically, and emotionally are less likely to become depressed. The Internet helps them do that. Mentally, they can play games, puzzles, and interact with other people. Physically they can learn what they can do to move their body in new ways. Emotionally they are able to stay connected to loved ones and meet new people they can have fun with and learn from each day.

The Internet is a huge asset to senior citizens. They just need to use it to get all of the benefits. If you know of a senior citizen who would benefit from the Internet, encourage him/her to use it. You might need to take some time to teach him/her, but it will be well worth it.

As a personal consultant, I often recommend that seniors use the Internet to improve the quality of their life. I help them find resources and use websites to accomplish goals or seek information. If you’re wondering how I can help you as a senior or caregiver, contact me today. My personal consulting services can help you make your life better, so you can be a happier person.

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