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5 Tips to Maximize Your Elderly Parent’s At Home Care

Anytime a child must care for their elderly parents it can be stressful for both parties.

Many people are turning to home healthcare to combat this reality. An estimated 12 million people use these services as an alternative to nursing homes.

If you are using at home care or are interested in learning more, here are five things you can do to maximize your parent’s experience.

1.) Know Your Limitations

If you are going to provide at home care for a parent, being honest with yourself about what you can and cannot do is important.

Providing for another person in your home is an investment of both time and money. Your utility and grocery bills will increase. Adding things to a house to make it more comfortable for your parent can also get expensive.

If your parents need help bathing and getting dressed, determine if you are comfortable helping them. Don’t forget to plan ahead, understanding that needs will change over time.

2.) At Home Care Requires Safety Precautions

Six out of every ten falls happen in the home. Falling can be a serious health concern for seniors, but there are steps which will lessen this risk.

Tape down rugs and other floor coverings that pose trip hazards. For an elderly parent with mobility issues, make sure they have a cane or walker handy. Using walls to stay stable when walking is never safe.

Install grab bars and rubber mats in showers and by the toilet, and make sure a panic button is accessible. Rooms should be well lit, with switches placed close to the entrance and within reach.

3.) Secure The Home

Seniors are at a higher risk for crime and financial scams than other age groups. Security has to be a top priority for the elderly.

To protect against potential scams, put your parent’s phone on the federal do not call registry. This list blocks their number from telemarketers.

Sliding glass doors are a frequent target for burglars. Make sure they are secure by adding a bar that prevents them from sliding open when they are not in use. Use a hidden safe to protect important documents and cash.

4.) Know Who Comes Into the Home

If you are hiring someone to help your elderly parent, make sure you do some homework.

Get information about the company that is sending someone out. If you are hiring an individual, do a full background check and make sure they are first aid certified.

Many states have agencies that regulate home care providers. Anyone you hire should be willing to show you their certifications and licenses.

5.) Maintain Their Quality of Life

Find local support groups that cater to the elderly. These groups are a great place to make friends and discuss issues that are important to elders. Many groups encourage physical activity and will go on mini-trips to local places.

Mental stimulation becomes essential as the mind ages. Crossword puzzles and other hobbies will help combat boredom and keep the brain focused, especially in the cold winter months.

Get The Support You Need

For over 25 years, I have worked with thousands of clients around the world, consulting with them on ways to improve their quality of life.

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