5 Ways to Find Senior Services to Help Your Loved One

5 Ways to Find Senior Services to Help Your Loved One

5 Ways to Find Senior Services to Help Your Loved One

As your loved one gets older, you will likely find that it’s harder to help him. He may need more care throughout the day, and getting around town has taken up a lot more time as well. This can make it difficult for you to juggle work, family, and other responsibilities.

Fortunately, there are many senior services available to help you.

#1: Local Social Services Office

One of the many ways that Social Services helps citizens is by providing resources. These resources often help those with a limited income, who are disabled, and over the age of 65 years. This means that they often have senior services that can help your loved one. Some of the services include transportation to medical appointments, financial aid for utilities, and home care.

#2: Churches and Charitable Organizations

It’s a good idea to check with local churches and other charitable organizations to see what they have available for seniors. Many times they provide transportation services, have senior events, and can even help pay for food and utilities. You do not have to be affiliated with the religious organization to receive these services; however, you may need to provide financial information to the organization for them to assess your loved one’s needs.

#3: Senior Centers

Senior centers are great for many reasons. They have information about services that can help your loved one, and they provide support. Your loved one can attend functions they host and use their services. This has made a huge difference to many seniors around the country because they are able to socialize with others who understand them.

#4: Medical Facilities

The next time you go to a medical appointment with your older loved one, consider asking him/her about senior services. Usually, they receive information from organizations seeking to help the elderly, so they are happy to spread the word. You may also want to ask the doctor for some suggestions on how you can better help your loved one with services.

#5: Contact Personal Consultant Kendall Van Blarcom

There are so many services available throughout the United States for seniors. One of those services is personal consulting through Van Blarcom Personal Consulting. Kendall Van Blarcom has been working with people for decades, and enjoys helping them live a better life using the resources available to them.

You can set up sessions with Kendall to discuss how you can better help your older loved one. It can be a great sense of relief to be able to discuss the struggles you’ve had to endure. With compassionate listening, Kendall will make you feel heard and validated. Through personal consulting sessions, you’ll learn about many of the ways to find senior services in your area. You will learn that there’s nothing wrong with reaching out for help, so you can make life easier for you, your family, and loved one.

Contact Kendall Van Blarcom now for more information on how you or your loved one can take advantage of senior services.

Kendall Van Blarcom not only works with caregivers, but with seniors as well. By offering personal consulting to seniors, caregivers find that they have more time to do what they need to do, and their loved one feels much more at peace. Let’s talk about how Van Blarcom Personal Consulting can be a senior service you use.

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