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Benefits of Positivity

Did you know that there are numerous benefits of positivity, for both your mental health and your physical health?

Researchers believe being positive offers an array of health benefits, including being less prone to depression, a higher resistance to common colds, improved cardiovascular health, and better lifestyle coping skills.

Positive thinking can extend your life and it improves your quality of life even when an individual is facing adversity, such as an illness or coping with a life change.

If a sunny disposition doesn’t come naturally for you, know that you can learn how to be more optimistic. It is possible to learn how to bring more positive emotions into your life. There is help available. Contact Van Blarcom Consulting for guidance on how to be more positive.

Practicing Gratitude

Giving thanks for all of the good you do have, rather than focusing on negative thoughts, can decrease stress, increase optimism, and improve your well-being. Keeping a daily journal of positive events that happen each day can be helpful. Others opt for a gratitude jar, a place to drop in slips of paper recording things that bring you joy. Then, you can pull out a gratitude slip when you are feeling blue.

Once you have established a gratitude practice, you will notice all you do have to be thankful for, and you will be on a path to experiencing the true benefits of positivity.

Set Goals and Acknowledge Your Progress

Self-motivation can be activated through setting goals. Set an attainable goal for yourself and start dreaming about your plans.

Then, turn your goal in to actionable steps. Let go of your past and allow yourself to see the goal happening. At each step, congratulate yourself and acknowledge all the work you are doing to make your dream a reality.

For example, if you want to save one hundred dollars, celebrate your self-motivation each time you get twenty dollars saved away. The twenty will be an easy win, and five of those quickly have you at a larger goal. This method can be used for any type of goal.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a form of active meditation, being aware of how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking throughout the day. It is paying attention to the present. With practice you can learn to let go of judgement and focus on the now, rather than the past.

People who are mindful can reduce the stress in their lives and bring more happiness into their thoughts and experiences. When we focus on the now, it improves our concentration and activates our relationships and interests. Also, it is a great path to reducing ruminative thoughts.

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of positivity, talk with a counselor or therapist. By talking through your problems and learning ways to improve your life—tools like gratitude journals, visualization, meditation, and mindfulness—a counselor can help see the positives in your life, even when it feels like there is no silver lining.

You owe it to yourself to live the best life you can lead. Contact Van Blarcom Consulting today.

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