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If you are looking for guest blogging opportunities, submit your blog post to write for us. Founded by Kendall Van Blarcom, Van Blarcom Consulting is based in California. We provide personal consulting to over 1,000 clients around the world. Counseling remotely is a proactive way to reach seniors and individuals who are housebound. Van Blarcom …

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How to deal with confrontation when you want to change doctors.

Firing Your Doctor: Is It Time? (And How to Deal With the Confrontation)

Many of us don’t know how to deal with confrontation, especially when it involves authority figures. Because of this, it can be difficult to change doctors, even when you know in your gut it is the right thing to do. How do you know if it’s time to switch? A lot of doctors are facing …

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Help is available when facing divorce after a long marriage.

What to Do When Facing Divorce After a Long Marriage

If you are wondering how couples manage divorce after a long marriage, you are not alone. While many assume that couples who have been together for decades will stay together, the reality is midlife splits are common. When an individual feels their marriage is empty, they could decide it is time take their life in …

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Self care tips for the sandwich generation

5 Sanity-Saving Self Care Tips for the Sandwich Generation

Many of you are members of what is referred to as the sandwich generation, meaning you are caring for children, or grandchildren, on one side and aging parents on the other. If this is true for you, you may benefit from a few self care tips. After all, you may be anxious and overtired as …

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Explore the connections between memories and stress.

Connections Between Memory and Stress

Most people have heard that stress can have a negative impact, but it is common to dismiss the connections between memory and stress and only attribute the downsides of stress with physical health changes. In reality, stress over long periods of time can also result in memory issues for individuals. This has been seen in …

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An online personal support service can help you improve your life.

Learn More About My Online Personal Support Service

Online and phone consultation appointments have grown in recent years. An online personal support service is a convenient and easy way to begin the healing process from the comfort and privacy of your own home. More and more people have become accustomed to interacting with technology. If this is true for your or someone you …

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Healthy seniors prioritize staying active.

The Four Habits of Happy, Healthy Seniors

Individuals approach health maintenance in different ways. While everyone understands that dental check-ups and physicals are important for healthy seniors, some older adults are not participating in nourishing daily habits. Optimal health means staying healthy throughout your life. But even if you were not gentle to your body in your youth, know there is still …

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Home Instead of Senior Care

Choosing Your Home Instead of Senior Care

If you are an older adult, or caring for an aging senior, the topic of home instead of senior care has likely come up. But, you don’t have to move to an assisted living facility to get the care needed. There are ways to get help with personal issues, meals, and medication while still living …

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Learn ways to reduce your risk of a stroke.

Ways To Reduce Your Risk of a Stroke

Are you seeking ways to reduce your risk of a stroke? A stroke happens when an area of your brain experiences interrupted or reduced blood flow, resulting in a loss of oxygen and nutrients to brain tissue in that area. Strokes are serious medical emergencies that can be life threatening.  If you are ready to …

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Learn how to deal with anxiety confidentially.

As a Senior, Do You Know How to Deal with Anxiety, Depression?

One thing I’ve noticed over my years as a therapist and personal consultant is how many seniors have a hard time asking for help for personal problems. People at every age are unsure of how to deal with anxiety, and this can be particularly true of older adults who were raised to be self-sufficient and …

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Steps you can take to silence your inner critic.

5 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic

It is an unfortunate reality that many engage in negative self-talk, but there are ways to silence your inner critic. After all, if there was a friend in your life who continually pointed out your faults, you wouldn’t want to spend time with them anymore, right? Friends should buoy one another, and self-talk should also …

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Child in jacket smiling for camera.

How Are Children Valued by Their Parents?

Every family communicates values and belief systems, whether they are aware of it or not. For example, one family may say that they don’t use violence to solve problems. That’s a value statement. Or another family may not allowed anyone to wear shoes inside the house. Again, that’s another value. Do you believe that your

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5 Personal Problems and How to Solve Them

Dealing with personal problems is part of life. Ideally there are quick solutions, but this isn’t always the case. There are times when problems nag at people. They consume a person’s thoughts and become a cause of sadness and worry. Everyone has problems from time to time. It is important to remind yourself that coping

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How Do Your Personal Values Shape Your Life?

Your personal values dictate how you act, react, respond to, and handle life situations that come your way. This is because your personal beliefs help you to navigate what elements of life are important and worthy of your time. If you are currently struggling and are ready to make positive changes in your life, connect

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How to Talk Through Relationship Problems

Healthy bonds rely on communication. If there is an issue, it can be helpful to talk through relationship problems. Discussion is key, but when individuals are upset, they may accuse and blame. Both parties need to be honest with each other and listen, truly listen, for the issue to be resolved. Communicating effectively doesn’t always

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Child engaging in active learning with blocks.

Characteristics of Kinesthetic Personalities

Individuals with kinesthetic personalities learn by doing, not by listening to lectures or reading text books. Because these individuals learn by participating, they need to be actively involved when learning new concepts. Sometimes, kinesthetic learners are diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). But the truth is kinesthetic intelligence is different. Less than 20 percent

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Child looking away from lens.

How to Help a Child Who Suffers from Anxiety or Depression

Suspecting your child is depressed and watching them struggle through each day is a painful experience for any parent to live through. It’s important to dig deeper to find out whether your child is actually struggling with depression or whether the cause of their pain is due to anxiety. Understanding what the issue is can

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A phone is a way to connect and discuss issues.

Why Online Therapy Works

If you are considering online therapy, you are not alone. Online counseling, also known as online therapy, tele-therapy, and distance therapy, is a path to resolving personal problems through phone calls, email, chats, and online platforms. Online therapy works and has recently grown in popularity. It can be especially helpful for individuals who have social

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Broken Christmas ornament.

What You Can Do to Combat Feelings of Depression During the Holidays

Some people look forward with great anticipation to the holidays. They may even believe they are the greatest time of the year. Others, however, experience depression during the holidays, they can’t wait until the celebrations are over and the New Year begins. There are many reasons that some people feel depressed during the holidays. This

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Desktop of an individual working on a blog post.

What Does It Cost to Submit a Guest Blog?

Interested in submitting a guest blog post? We welcome professionals sharing their knowledge with our large community of readers. Above all, the Van Blarcom Consulting community is committed to positivity and healing. Together, we help people thrive. Individuals and organizations who submit blog posts are not charged. There is no cost to submit. We share

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