Caregiver life balance

Caregiver Life Balance

Whether you are a family member or a paid helper, caregiver life balance can be an issue when you are looking after someone who is elderly or ill. Caregiving is demanding. Because of the stresses, caregivers often struggle with taking time for themselves. With busy, changing schedules, caregivers often put the needs of the individual they are caring for ahead of their own.

If you are a caregiver in need of someone to talk to, contact Van Blarcom Consulting. Van Blarcom Consulting can counsel you wherever you live. It’s an opportunity to talk through the continuous demands of being a caregiver, demands that can create exhaustion and stress.

Schedule Time for Yourself for Caregiver Life Balance

Everyone needs time to clear their own mind and focus on their own life and health. While it may seem impossible to find additional time in your busy schedule, insisting on time for yourself will make you a better caregiver.

First, schedule personal time. Plan out your week in advance and treat your personal time as a high priority. Reserve a part of each day just for you and schedule that time as you would any other appointment. Then, designate a space for yourself. A couch with your favorite pillows or a room with your favorite photos on the wall. Retreat to that space to nap, journal, or meditate.

Stay Energized with Exercise and Movement

When you are taking care of someone who is housebound, it is easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle yourself. Even if you aren’t feeling like you are in the mood for exercise, getting in some movement will be energizing. This could be from a walk, a jog, or a dance class. Do something good for your body and you are doing something good for your mind. Caregiver life balance means keeping your body in tip top shape.

Make Healthy Eating Choices

Your diet impacts your mindset.  Healthy eating will give you more energy and can actually help your body physically repair from stress. If you are struggling with your diet and are quick to grab snacks that are high in calories and salt, try making more healthy foods accessible. For example, when you buy vegetables from the grocery store, get them washed and prepped in bite-sized pieces when you get home so they are just as available for snacking as a bag of chips. Fruits and nuts are good snacking choices, too.

Do Things You Love

In addition to time for meditation and self-reflection, take time to do the activities and hobbies you love. Whether it is watching sports, reading books, or crafting, your interests outside of caregiving help to maintain your identity beyond caregiving. With your own goals and interests, you are able to grow as an individual. Besides, research has shown that people who have hobbies are generally healthier, and that these interest can lower the risk of depression and dementia.

Ready to make a change in your life? Contact Van Blarcom Consulting for more improvement suggestions.

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