Child engaging in active learning with blocks.

Characteristics of Kinesthetic Personalities

Individuals with kinesthetic personalities learn by doing, not by listening to lectures or reading text books. Because these individuals learn by participating, they need to be actively involved when learning new concepts.

Sometimes, kinesthetic learners are diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). But the truth is kinesthetic intelligence is different. Less than 20 percent of the population are true kinesthetic personalities and the world needs to understand them in order for all of us to excel and thrive.

If you or someone you love is struggling, and feel some of the challenges could be connected to a learning style, reach out and connect with a professional through a telephone coaching session. There are solutions, for kinesthetic personalities at every age.

Kinesthetic Learning and Movement

Information processed by people with kinesthetic personalities happens through movement and direct involvement. So, projects for children, including creating games, models, animations, and videos may be helpful. They may also benefit from acting out ideas, dancing, exercise, and sports.

When learning is introduced in a way that engages kinesthetic learners, they will excel. Active learning is essential for kinesthetic personalities. Passive learning, listening to a lecture or watching an educational show, which is common in many classrooms, is not efficient for those who need to be involved and participatory.

Yet, when concepts are learned through activities, kinesthetic personalities will store the information efficiently. They are unlikely to let the knowledge go. Naturally curious, these individuals often enjoy research and experiments. Because of the advantages of pairing physical and mental engagement, group processes can be beneficial as well.

How to Address Kinesthetic Personality Struggles

Learning institutions need to be aware of different learning styles and address them. Since we do not all fit the same mold, thinking outside of the box when it comes to introducing new concepts can be a great thing, it helps us to grow. Bringing this awareness into our local schools and vocation programs would help those with different learning styles.

Kinesthetic learners do not always fit into former educational or professional styles. There are many times when it would be helpful to adapt classroom to a wide range of learners. Kinesthetic personality adults who work in office settings could also benefit from adjustments. Too often, office information shared through documents and meetings does not activate active learners. In those circumstances, some adults will struggle until they are able to find a way to engage with the information in a more project-oriented way.

A personal support professional can share life improvement strategies with you. Share your situation with an expert. Then, you can discover ways to deal with problems and improve life.

For people with kinesthetic personalities, there are ways to activate learning. During a lecture, for instance, an individual can take active notes and then turn those notes into a project, such as designing their own flashcards. Making learning fun and enacting concepts right away can be helpful for kinesthetic personalities learning new ideas.

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