Christmas Shopping for Grandchildren

christmas shopping for grandchildren

Many of the readers of this blog have grandchildren. The holidays are a time when they get to dote on their grandchildren more than the rest of the year. As you are trying to Christmas shop for them, keep these tips in mind.

Tips for Christmas Shopping for Grandchildren

Ask the Parents

Many times, parents have a list of items they will be purchasing for their children. You can ask if you’re able to take some of those things off the list for them.

The wonderful part of this is you end up purchasing something your grandchildren really want, not something that will just get thrown into a corner somewhere. You also get to help your adult children with the budget busting time of year.

Research Online

Many website, especially the stores that sell gifts for children, will have sections with age ranges. This is a great way to know what you should buy your grandchildren that will meet their developmental needs.

Don’t restrict yourself to just the age range of your grandchildren. You can usually go up in age range, especially if they are just a year away from the next range. Usually, it means they will be able to use the gift for much longer.

Ask Your Grandchildren

Grandchildren, depending on the age, often do not have a problem telling you what they want. If they are on the younger side, you can always ask what they would like from Santa.

Consider Gift Cards

Many people believe gift cards are too impersonal. While it may have had the connotation before, it’s not that way now. Children love to receive gift cards because they know they get to go shopping like an adult with their own money to spend. You can restrict where they spend it with a gift card because you can get one to a favorite store.

Cash Works Too

If getting a gift card isn’t something you can or want to do, consider giving cash. Adults and children alike love to receive cash because they can do whatever they want with it. While you may not know exactly what the money is used for, you can be sure they will appreciate it.

When Money Is Tight for Christmas Shopping for Grandchildren

If you do not have the budget to purchase Christmas gifts for your grandchildren, do not feel bad about it. The reality is that while they would be christmas shopping for grandchildrenhappy, the feeling is temporary. You know what’s long lasting? The time you take to spend with your grandchildren. Children always remember moments more than they remember gifts. Teach your grandchildren something, read with them, or just love on them more than you usually do, and it’s almost certain they will appreciate it for much longer than any gift will last. This is what the season is all about anyway. It’s about bringing the close people around you closer. Do just that and instead of ending it after the Christmas season, make a point to consider the connection throughout the year. This will really make the gift you’re giving one that will be truly treasured – not only for your grandchildren, but for you as well.

Have a beautiful Christmas season from your personal consultant Kendall Van Blarcom.

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