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Computers for Senior Citizens – Helping Your Elderly Loved Ones

When people think of technology, they typically don’t think of computers for senior citizens. While technology is often associated with younger generations, that is not a true representation of technology’s reach. Personal computers, tablets, and smartphones can be beneficial for a variety of age groups.

If you are caring for an elderly parent, maybe access to technology would improve their life. Internet usage, in particular, can be a way to strengthen far away friendships, connect with family, or seek counseling. All of these require a computer at home.

Setting Up Computers for Senior Citizens

Ask the older adult in your life what they would like to use the computer for. If they want to primarily connect with others, a tablet might be a good solution. A smartphone or tablet is enough for an individual interested in social media and video chats. Alternately, if they prefer to use a computer mouse or a trackball, a desktop might be optimal. From there, look around for affordable internet service and get a package in place.

Once your older adult is connected, suggest ways to get started. Computers for senior citizens can be a great way to connect with others and obtain information on hobbies and interests, from researching family history to playing online games.

Talk About Online Fears

If the older adult in your life is fearful of computers, talk through the process of using technology with them. Discuss online safety and the importance to keeping your privacy while engaging with online platforms.

Also, acknowledge that a senior might be dismissing computer usage because of poor eyesight or another physical barrier. Once you know what that barrier is, you can come up with solutions. So if eyesight is the concern, for example, you can look into text enlarging software or teach your loved one how to magnify text, it is typically a built-in feature on most devices.

Conversely, don’t assume your older parent isn’t tech-savvy. It is possible they are more comfortable with technology than you know, they are simply using their experience in a different way. They may be shopping online and using email. If this is the case, they simply need an introduction to apps you may know of that are targeted toward their interests. In line with the entire population, internet adoption has risen steadily over the last decade among senior citizens, proving you are never too old to learn.

If you are helping your parents or another older adult with computers and internet usage, you or your loved one might be in need of support. This could be the ideal time to reach out to a personal counselor. Working together, you can improve your life and the life of the older adult you love.

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