faith it until you make it

Faith It Until You Make It

faith it until you make itThe other day, there was an interesting quote on social media. It said, “Faith it until you make it.” Of course, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Fake it until you make it,” but maybe not the faith version of it. This is an interesting version that warrants a blog post because there’s a lesson in it.

What It Means to Have Faith

Faith means you have hope. You know there is a possibility that whatever you want to happen will happen. You feel something inside of you that just hangs on to the chance that you will get what you want.

Even when things look bleak, having faith means that you still have hope. You are still holding on, or in other words, you don’t give up because there’s a reason to keep going. That faith that you will get to your goal remains alive.

Faith… It’s something that many people do not have. It’s what separates people who feel like they have a purpose from people who feel as though there’s no point to life.

Faith can come and go throughout life. Many people lose it when things go wrong. Other people have their faith justified or strengthened when things go right. It’s the people who can hang on to faith when life gets difficult that really benefit from the phrase “Faith it until you make it.”

Making It with Faith

Now that you know what faith means, you can use it to make it. When you make it, you have achieved a goal. You have gotten what you need.

Of course, for many things, you will get them eventually. However, it’s the wait that is so hard to deal with in life. That’s how faith helps you.

When you have faith, you feel happier. You know it’s coming, so you’re happy about that. When you don’t have faith, you feel depressed. You think you’re never going to achieve your goals. What that does is slow you down, and for some people, it stops them from even trying to achieve their goals.

When you keep the faith, you are more likely to make it because you keep trying. When you don’t keep the faith, you may still make it but you won’t feel like it or gain any of the benefits of having faith.

What are the benefits of having faith?

You’re more optimistic when you have faith. This means you’re not stressed. When you’re not stressed, you’re better able to handle challenges. Your body isn’t in constant turmoil either, which means your heart isn’t beating faster than it should, your muscles don’t stay tense, and your immune system isn’t working overtime trying to deal with the stress. Faith calms you and gives you peace of mind.

Start Having Faith – You Can Make It

To continue having faith in life, you need to hold on tightly to it. You need to be committed to faith. That’s the only way to get through the tough times without completely giving up on everything. Tell yourself that you must remain faithful. You must be hopeful. You can’t let go.

You will see that having faith can give you a different perspective in life. It will make you feel better and do more to accomplish your goals.

If you’re still having trouble keeping the faith, contact me – Kendall Blarcom. I can help you with this and other situations that may be keeping you from restoring your faith. Contact me now.

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