Figuring Out How to Pay for Long-Term Care

Discussing options for affording long-term care.

When long-term care is needed, it can be stressful for a family. The decision itself carries a lot of emotion, and the financial figure connected to the care can be far more than a family can afford. In some instances, Medicaid is an option. Others choose to use a combination of resources, including savings and investments.

If you are struggling because it is time to explore long-term care for your loved one, there is support available. A personal counselor will listen to your worries and share coping strategies with you, solutions to help you manage stress and determine what is possible financially. 

Long-Term Care When a Person Needs Assistance with Daily Activities

There are a variety of reasons why families make the decision to look into long-term care. Often, it is connected to the person needing assistance with personal care, such as eating, using the bathroom, bathing, grooming, and getting dressed. Sometimes a person has been caring for their loved one for a long time and it is now negatively impacting their own health and well-being.

Naturally, it is not always possible to predict who will need care or how much care they will need. Because of this, families on a budget may not have saved enough to fund long-term care. Others find care insurance, which typically is secured years prior and funded during healthy years, unaffordable.

Risks for long-term care include the following:

  • Increased age.
  • Individual is unmarried.
  • Medical issues.
  • Poor health habits.

While you can make healthy choices, such as eating well and getting regular exercise, and build a community of friends and family that care for one another, the need for long-term care is still possible. Things happen. Life can throw individuals into unanticipated situations. 

Exploring Solutions to Your Problems

Even when you are feeling overwhelmed, there is a path forward. When you talk through your options with a personal counselor or other trusted advisor, you can outline a way to help your loved one and still take care of yourself.

For example, there may be veteran benefits available if the person who needs long-term care served the country in a military conflict. Or, if your family has investments saved for future use, you can work with a financial professional to determine how much you can spend while still ensuring you will be able to afford your home and the funds you need to stay healthy. After all, you can’t care for another without staying strong yourself.

Caring for a loved one experiencing health issues can be very difficult. For example, many older adults find themselves managing anxiety and depression while caring for an ailing spouse. Make your needs a priority so you are able to help others, connect with a counselor today. 

Kendall Van Blarcom is a senior helping seniors. Contact Van Blarcom Consulting today for help with your personal problems. Or, reach out to provide support for an older adult in your life.

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