How to Find the Right Senior Care Facilities For Aging Parents

senior care facilities

It’s never easy making the decision to put your aging parent in a nursing home or senior care facility. Understandably, it’s hard not to feel guilty about the situation even if deep down you know that it’s for the best. As I have written before, caring for your elderly parent is nice but it doesn’t make you a bad person if you don’t do it.

Remember, finding a safe, healthy home for your parent is something a lot of people do. And they don’t do it because they’re selfish or lazy. They do it because they know that moving their parents into senior care facilities is in their best interest.

Of course, an important part of that process is finding the right home for your parent. To make sure you’re choosing the best one, you need to take the necessary steps.

Steps to Take When Looking for Senior Care Facilities

1. Get your parent involved

To make the transition easier, don’t leave your parent or parents out of the loop. Involve them in the search and note down their preferences. If your finances allow it, present a range of options so they can be assured that you’re looking for a place they can feel at home in.

2. Do the math

If you’ve crunched the numbers and are coming up short even after looking into social security and veterans benefits, you may need to pool resources from everyone in the family. You could also sell a family home or check long-term care insurance and see how much of it will cover senior care facility costs.

3. Read reviews

Most senior care facilities have websites. But you shouldn’t limit your research to information that these websites provide. Google reviews, visit forums and be proactive in asking questions.

Make sure you check the amenities, activities, and services each facility has to offer, weigh those against your budget, then narrow down your options.

4. Go on tour

Once you have a list of facilities, the next step is to visit each one. Don’t just research on the Internet and call it a day. It’s important that you get a feel for a facility by checking the living quarters and talking to the current residents.

5. Decide

The time has come. If you never had a chance to involve your parents in the decision-making process because of Alzheimer’s or dementia, the next best thing to have the support of everyone in the family. You can also talk to a Personal Consultant who has a lot of experience helping families make this type of decision.

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