Finding a mental health counselor

Finding a Mental Health Counselor

If you are ready to face your mental health issue, you may be wondering how to find a mental health counselor. An experienced mental health professional can be a key figure on your road to recovery. But, you need to find someone you can trust and feel comfortable confiding in.

What Type of Mental Health Counselor Are You Seeking?

There are different reasons to seek out a therapist or counselor. If you are looking for someone to help you cope with emotions, Van Blarcom Consulting may be the right option for you. Kendall has a fresh, objective viewpoint and creates an environment of trust and understanding.

Therapist and counselors have different ways of guiding behaviors and adjusting negative thought patterns, so you’ll want to find the one who has the style and sensibility that works for you.

In addition, Kendall is available online or in person, for individuals located in the Santa Rosa, CA, area. If you are interested in online counseling, know that this is a useful option for many seeking help.

Ask Questions and Be Honest

When you are first speaking with a mental health counselor, know that it is ok and often expected that you will have questions to ask. Be yourself and be honest about your expectations. You want to feel that the individual you are working with is there for you and has the same recovery goals in mind.

Things to think about include how much experience the counselor has and if they have worked with other people with similar problems. Ask about how you will evaluate your progress over time and what kind of improvements you might see.

Sharing is part of talking through your problems. That said, if you find yourself not telling the whole truth, particularly when beginning counseling, know that you are not alone. It is ok. Counseling is a process. But know that it is helpful to be as honest with yourself and your therapist as possible.

Relationship Building

Once you have someone in mind, reach out and make the call. If you are too nervous to make the first connection, have a friend or loved one make the first call for you. Remember, you want people on your side as you seek help. Sometimes that means having a spouse or friend involved, too.

You may have to involve other professionals as part of your healing process as well. For example, if medication might benefit your mental health condition, you may have to involve a doctor or psychiatrist who can prescribe the correct medicine. A medication decision is something you can talk through with your counselor. Your counselor is your ally. They can help connect you with a specialist. Someone knowledgeable about your mental health history and well-being.

Finding people to help you, including a mental health counselor, can pave the road to a better life for you and your family. Be sure you feel comfortable and find the professional you are working with to be trustworthy and knowledgeable. You want a counselor who listens to you and takes your viewpoint seriously. With time and persistence, you can become happier and content, given the right tools.

Are you ready to improve your sense of well-being? Then it is time to set up a phone session with Kendall Van Blarcom today.

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