Firing Your Doctor: The Difficult Step You Want to Take

Firing Your Doctor: The Difficult Step You Want to Take

Firing Your Doctor: The Difficult Step You Want to TakeKnowing when firing your doctor is okay is important. Some people are receiving subpar care and that is affecting their health. Find out if firing a doctor is in your near future.

What the Experience Is Like Before Firing Your Doctor

You’ve been with your doctor for a few years. He’s been through the good and bad with you, but it’s been mostly bad. Whenever you go to an appointment, you must wait to be seen for hours. However, if you’re late just five minutes, you have to reschedule. When you do get into a room, the doctor comes in, asks you what’s wrong but doesn’t give you a chance to respond. He fires questions off at you, and then comes to a conclusion about your health in seconds. The next thing you know you’re handed a prescription and guided out the door with a sense of urgency. You’re left feeling unserved, betrayed, and uncared for by your doctor.

Does this sounds similar to what you go through when you see your doctor? If so, firing your doctor may be something you’ll have to do.

Why It’s Important to Have Quality Healthcare

At this stage of your life, you need a doctor who is going to listen to you. Everything you tell him are clues to what may be going on inside of you. While a lot of the symptoms you may experiencing are part of the aging process, there can be some signs of illness or disease wrapped up in them. Catching these illnesses and diseases before they get worse can save your life.

Doctors who don’t listen or cause their patient undue hardship during a medical appointment are likely overwhelmed or not concerned about the well-being of their patients. They may burned out from decades of being a medical professional or simply have too many patients to care for that they can’t seem to focus. All of these reasons for delivering low quality medical services are not your fault, and you shouldn’t have to put your life at risk because of them.

Yes, you may empathize with him. You may feel as though he will be upset if you leave. However, think of this as something good for the both of you. If he’s burned out or overwhelmed, it may be a relief to have one less patient. Since doctors normally don’t fire their patients, many don’t have a choice but to continue trying to care for everyone making appointments. Firing your doctor may end up helping him more than you can imagine.

Firing a Doctor: How to Do It Gracefully

Since you’re searching for an article on firing a doctor, it’s likely you care about how to do it. It means you care and you’re a good person. There is a way to do this that will help you and him feel better.

You have a decision to make:

  • Break it to him at your next appointment.
  • Call him to give him the news.
  • Write a letter.

As you already know, it can be difficult to get in to see him, and getting him on the phone may be even harder. A letter allows you to tell him what you want to say. It’s up to you. There’s no right or wrong way to break the news.

To get your medical records, you can sign a form at your new doctor’s office. They will request your records to be transferred. You can also request them and hand deliver them to your new doctor. Again, this is your health, so it’s your choice.

Since this decision can be a hard one, consider speaking to personal consultant Kendall Van Blarcom. Kendall helps people with many of their tough decisions later in life. He makes them feel heard, understood, and provides them the support, encouragement and motivation they need to better their life. Contact him now.

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