How Wearable Fitness Technology is Improving Senior Care

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Wearable fitness technology is one of those buzzwords that makes you stop and read it again. And then you nod your head and agree that yes, it makes perfect sense. Fitness refers to your body’s overall health. Wearing fitness-specific technology is the best way to measure and monitor it.

Wearable fitness technology includes such medical and monitoring devices such as smart watches, sunglasses, and fitness bands.

People are living longer and more independently than ever before. With the onset of age comes such conditions as diabetes and other chronic illnesses. And with an aging population comes added worry and concern for the children of seniors.

So how can wearable fitness technology improve senior care?

Data-based Decision Making

Fitness technology compiles data such as heart rate, blood pressure, physical activity, and sleep patterns. Professionals can assess this information. Then, they can make informed decisions about senior care.

The knowledge that senior parents’ body metrics are being measured is reassuring to their adult children. It removes the “guess” factor from a situation when discussing health or future care.

Proactive Treatments

If a senior wears fit technology to collect vital biometric data it allows their healthcare professional to be proactive about their care.

Variability or abnormality in heart rates, as measured by technology, can be a red flag to a physician. By measuring any changes, the doctor is able to determine whether he needs to look further into a senior’s heart health.

Often in the past, we had to wait until ill health occurred before embarking on treatment programs. A professional can introduce a treatment before a senior’s health deteriorates too far by using the recorded information.

Fitness Technology for Friendly Competition

We all love a little competition or friendly rivalry, regardless of our age. If our senior parents can be inspired to take an extra few steps so that their tracker records a higher number of steps than their neighbor’s tracker, who are we to stop them?

Tracking metrics can also encourage the technology wearer to compete against themselves. Perhaps they walked a mile yesterday and felt good for doing it. Perhaps they can beat that total by a little more today?

Body fitness, whatever our age level, is vital for continued health. Introducing some competition into a fitness regime adds extra interest. If we’re interested, we remain engaged.

Smart Technology for Self Care

The use of wearable technology for chronic illnesses such as diabetes can be vital in the effective management of the disease.

The technology can help keep track of diet, activity, and glucose levels. This information allows the individual to play an increased role in their own self-care. Diabetes management can be easily and simply integrated into everyday living.

If you have a parent with a chronic disease the use of wearable technology can help to improve their daily life.

Professional Consultation

Van Blarcom Consulting offers a personalized approach to managing the care and support of our elderly and senior citizens.

Schedule an appointment with Kendall today and gain peace of mind.

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