Foods to Optimize Your Health After 50

Prioritizing your health is important at every age, and deciding to consume foods to optimize your health after 50 can help you maintain an active life as you grow older. Physical activity, smart dietary choices, social connections, and access to medical care boosts your physical and mental health. To talk through problems and make positive life changes, connect with a personal counselor.

Muscle Loss and Protein Sources

Age-related muscle loss creates issues for both bodybuilders and individuals who simply want to continue long daily walks and afternoons tending the garden. To keep your body in shape to continue daily activities you enjoy as the years progress, commit to including protein sources in your daily meals. While this can be meat, there are vegetarian options as well.

Protein sources for older adults:

  • Poultry and lean meats
  • Fish and seafood
  • Soy products
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Eggs and legumes
  • Milk, yogurt, and cheese

Foods to optimize your health after 50 include dairy products because they provide protein and have the additional advantage of supporting bone strength. Because bone mass is typically at its apex when a person is in their late 20s, a person in their 50s has already experienced decades of bone loss.

More Fiber and Less Sugar

Maintaining a healthy blood sugar means avoiding foods that are full of sweeteners and carbohydrates. Fast food and frozen meals can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. To keep your blood sugar stable, say no to meals high in refined sugar and load up on fiber. Dietary fiber slows digestion and assists with hormone balance.

Fiber sources for older adults:

  • Fruits, including apples and raspberries
  • Leafy greens, such as cabbage, spinach, and kale
  • Lentils, peas, and beans 
  • Whole grains

Small changes in how you shop and prepare meals can make a big impact on your overall well being. For example, begin to read food labels and opt for products that are low in sugar and high in fiber. Instead of having a sugary cereal in the morning, choose oatmeal. How you eat the foods to optimize your health after 50 can even have an effect, such as stopping the habit of peeling fruits and vegetables before eating them.

Enjoy Foods to Optimize Your Health After 50

Making dietary changes and adding exercise to your daily routine can lead to both physical and emotional benefits. And while changes can be difficult, they also bring new opportunities. There may be foods you’ve never tried you will learn you enjoy. Or with a cookbook by your side begin a habit of cooking nutritious meals rather than relying on takeout.

Many find that when they begin to exercise and start eating a wide variety of foods, including a colorful array of vegetables, whole grain goods, and vegetarian protein sources, they gain energy and enjoy an improved mood.

Of course, talk to your healthcare provider about what constitutes a healthy diet for your age and activity level. And you don’t have to make every lifestyle change you are considering in one day. Be kind to yourself and recognize that developing new habits can take time.

Kendall Van Blarcom is a senior helping seniors. Contact Van Blarcom Consulting today for help with your personal problems. Or, reach out to provide support for an older adult in your life.

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