The Four Habits of Happy, Healthy Seniors

Healthy seniors prioritize staying active.

Individuals approach health maintenance in different ways. While everyone understands that dental check-ups and physicals are important for healthy seniors, some older adults are not participating in nourishing daily habits. Optimal health means staying healthy throughout your life. But even if you were not gentle to your body in your youth, know there is still time to make positive changes.

After all, we are all unique. For example, in the movie Late Bloomers with William Hurt and Isabella Rossellini, a married couple approach the onset of aging in vastly different ways. He tries to reverse the march of time by wearing leather and dallying with a younger woman. She over-prepares for old age by getting a power lift bed and handrails installed throughout the house. One denies, the other embraces.

In reality, most of us land somewhere between these two extremes, learning to adapt as advancing years bring unexpected changes, such as aches and pains, loss, empty nests, and memory lapses. There are ways to maintain a life that is robust and productive.

Four Attributes of Healthy Seniors

If you are unsure how to make positive life changes in your life, discuss your goals with a personal counselor. Below are four attributes that can boost your health and help you to feel content now and into the future.

  1. Attitude: Happy, healthy seniors make an effort to appreciate every phase of their lives, including their senior years. They see it as a time to relax and enjoy. There could even be opportunities to pursue a new career, hobby or interest. For example, instead of pinning for the past, an empty nester could learn to enjoy the freedom of scheduling their own time.
  2. Health: We are living in a time when people, overall, are taking better care of their health than ever before. There’s an abundance of information at hand: courses at local senior centers, books, magazines, mental health counselors and online groups to turn to for support and comradery. Once you are ready to make changes, help is available. If you need access to information, AARP is a good resource for seniors.
  3. Activity: Seniors who are physically active and limber tend to thrive. Regular walking, swimming, or volunteering lubricates the joints and the mind. Healthy seniors often report that getting and staying active is a key ingredient to them enjoying their senior years.
  4. Connection: Healthy seniors are engaged with their community. They have friends they can confide in and laugh with. If you do not have social connections in your life, consider connecting with a local club or group to make connections. Humor is the best medicine, regardless of age.

Healthy, happy aging is possible. Are you ready to celebrate being an older adult? Too often, individuals believe change is only possible in one’s youth. In reality, change is possible at every age.

Kendall Van Blarcom is a senior helping seniors. Contact Van Blarcom Consulting today for help with your personal problems. Or, reach out to provide support for an older adult in your life.

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