Free Helpful Emails for Support, Information, and Motivation

Free Helpful Emails for Support, Information, and Motivation

Free Helpful Emails for Support, Information, and MotivationHave you ever signed up for a newsletter from businesses, and then become inundated with promotional emails? If so, you know how bothersome that can be sometimes, especially when you’re not in the market to purchase anything.

Well, I have decided that I want to give you something different in a newsletter. I want to give you free help from a professional personal consultant. When you sign up for Van Blarcom Personal Consulting newsletter, you will receive either one or two newsletters a month with inspiration. You’ll read about how you can improve your life, be entertained by it, and walk away from it with a new perspective on things.

It’s our mission to provide you with the very best newsletter for your self-improvement.

All you have to do is look to the right side of this screen and input your email address. Shortly, you will receive an email that asks you to confirm your subscription. Once you do that, you’ll be on our list. Whenever we send a new newsletter out, you will receive one.

If you’ve signed up a while ago, and still haven’t received one of our free helpful emails, it’s likely that they have been caught by your spam filter. Simply go into your spam folder to find them, and then add the from email address to your contacts. This way you won’t miss any others that we send.

With every newsletter, I will invite you to take part in an activity. I hope that you’ll follow through with each one, but know that you can always put our emails to the side to go back to them when you’re ready. The best part of these emails is that you can collect them and start your self-improvement work whenever you have the time and energy.

These free helpful emails are for seniors and their caregivers.

I hope that you’ll enjoy these newsletters as much as I love helping you.


Kendall Van Blarcom

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Van Blarcom Consulting Mission Statement

To provide improved mental health support for seniors, education, and motivation to individuals having difficulty with life’s challenges, and to empower them to turn their life around so they can improve it with positive changes that will greatly influence their thoughts, feelings, and actions for the rest of their life.

Kendall E. Van Blarcom, Psy.M. Licensed Psychotherapist (Retired)


Please note: I do not offer the services of a virtual counselor, therapist or geriatric psychologist. Online personal consulting is not intended to take the place of traditional face-to-face therapy, clinical assessment or treatment.

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