Getting Rid of the Noise in Your Life

There’s a lot of noise in our lives nowadays. I don’t just mean noise as in cars whizzing by your window or children screaming. What I mean is information.

Every single day, you take in millions of pieces of information. Something as simple as learning that leaving a knife on the edge of the counter can end up hurting someone to learning a new language. All of this information can either benefit or hurt you in some way.

The noise in your life is the information that hurts you. When I say hurt, I don’t mean cutting or harming yourself. What I mean is that the information conflict with your thoughts, and then it affects your behaviors.

Society is one source of noise. You’ve probably seen on social media and on television information about how you should look or act. While you may not agree with it, you take it in and your mind processes it. What happens is that while you may not realize it, your mind is having a battle with it. You may believe one thing, but the information you took in is saying something totally different. What happens is you enter a state of cognitive incongruence. You become confused, and guess what? You start doing confusing things.

One minute you may do one thing, and then next minute, you do something different. You change your mind like the wind. You don’t know what is right or what is wrong. You seem all over the place.

What happens with this is you become stressed. You end up feeling like life is just too overwhelming. This is when you enter a downward spiral.

As you are dealing with that, you end up with other noise – more information. So not only are you dealing with one source of noise, but other sources too. It becomes way too much.

Detoxing Noise Out of Your Life

Noise wrecks your life. You can’t live with this noise. You need to detox it out of your life.

How do you do that?

Well, it’s not feasible to isolate yourself in some underground cave. That would not help your situation – it would make it worse. What you need to do is learn how to remove the noise from your mind and then prevent it from entering.

The first thing in detoxing the noise from your life is to figure out what is noise and what is beneficial. You can do this through journaling. Write down every single day what it is that you came across that didn’t resonate with you. It can be what you’ve seen or what you’ve heard from someone. Anything that you’ve taken in that you don’t think is correct, write it down.

I want you to do some visualization after you create your list. I want you to take all of the images and words you’ve heard and throw them out of your mind and body. Just grab them in your mind’s eye and throw them out. It might take some practice, but once you can do it correctly, you’ll be able to do it well.

Now, to prevent the noise, you need to learn how to figure out what information is positive and negative. As soon as you come across information that is positive, go ahead and take it in. Smile at it, and love it. Use it to better your day.

The negative information needs to be blocked. Turn your head. Imagine yourself putting your hands up and keeping it away from you. If it gets inside of you, use your noise journal to get it outside of you.

It’s important to detox and prevent noise from entering your mind and body. Take time every day to do this until it becomes a habit, which will enable you to do it quickly and easily. Life will feel so much better when you can do it well.

If you need additional help with this exercise or anything else you’re dealing with right now, book a session with me – a personal consultant. I enjoy helping people solve many of the problems in their life, so they can be happier and more successful.


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