support for stroke victims

Help for Caregivers and the Elderly after Stroke

Suffering a stroke is a life threatening experience. Actually, it’s the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. Early intervention can save someone’s life, but there may still be some effects from it such as speech difficulties, drastic decline in cognitive abilities and motor skills.

Caring for someone who has suffered a stroke can be incredibly exhausting. The person needs mental, emotion, and physical care, and many times around the clock. These demands can seem like too much for many caregivers who also have a family of their own and a job.

Support for Stroke Victims

Depression and anxiety are common effects of someone who cares for a stroke patient, especially if he/she does not receive support from others. This is why it is extremely important to seek support for stroke victims.

  • Nursing

An at-home nurse or a home health aide can help take care of the physical care. Medication management, bathing, and other essential daily needs can be taken care of by someone like this, which would take the pressure off of you as a caregiver. You can still provide as much care as you feel you can do, but it’s nice to have someone there as well.

  • Meal Program

Cooking three meals a day can be overwhelming. Having a meal program can ensure your loved one receives three meals a day that will keep him/her healthy, without causing you to have to take the time and effort to make them. You can still make some meals or bring desserts for your loved one, but you’ll feel much better when the entire responsibility no longer relies on you.

  • Transportation

Taking your loved one to appointments throughout the week can be time consuming and stressful when you have a lot of other things to do. This time can be freed up by setting up transportation for your loved one. Some medical facilities have a transportation program, so contact them to find out if there is one. Some insurance carriers also have a program, so check with your loved one’s insurance.

  • Emotional Support

All of the support you seek doesn’t have to be for your loved one, you need some, too. Personal consulting could be great for you. When your loved one experiences a stroke, it’s frightening and sad. You could have lost your mom, dad, or other loved one. While you’re thankful for that, you’re still compounded with the thoughts that you still have your loved one, but he/she isn’t the same. On top of that, 25% of stroke victims end up suffering another one within five years. This can be extremely scary for you.

Personal consulting with Kendall Van Blarcom is here for you. Understanding what you’re going through, and helping you navigate this twist in life will help you feel a lot better about it all. It can be a major relief to know you truly aren’t alone in this situation. You have help, and that help is just a phone call away. Schedule an introductory session with Kendall Van Blarcom today. He is waiting to help you through this difficult time in your life.

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