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How (and Why) to Help a Senior Connect on Social Media

With more and more people, including seniors, connected to the internet and social media, you should consider helping the elderly in your life get connected as well.

Younger seniors have spent their lives around computers and have adapted to technological advances and the virtual world. But older seniors can also enjoy social media platforms from sites like Facebook to Pinterest.

Studies have concluded that seniors benefit from using social media and that social media for seniors can help prevent declines in both mental and physical health.

Why Social Media For Seniors?

Seniors will benefit greatly from day-to-day social interactions through social media.

Social platforms like Facebook and Skype can help prevent loneliness in seniors. You can feel constantly connected to loved ones through Facebook, and you don’t have to arrange for a visit to get in touch with them through the Skype platform, a favorite amongst seniors living on their own and in retirement communities.

Using social media can help seniors improve their social skills, mental and physical health, and cognitive abilities.

Learning to use social media helps fight depression and improves feelings of personal fulfillment and self-reliance.

Using the internet and staying connected can also encourage seniors to be more active. Though it seems counter-intuitive, sites like Facebook have lots of motivational quotes, photos, and videos that encourage exercise and activity.

Not only that, but decreases in boredom, depression, and loneliness mean an increase in energy and activity.

On top of all the mental and physical health benefits of social media for seniors, seniors can have fun getting connected and using social platforms.

How To Help Seniors Connect To Social Media.

Teaching a senior to use social media opens up a whole new world for them.

Social connections are important to cognitive health, physical and mental well-being, and can be a life-changing way to battle boredom and loneliness in old age.

While they might seem reluctant at first, there are some easy ways to get them interested and active online.

Begin exposing them to social media, showing them how you use it or through letting them scroll through your newsfeed. Show them the family members that you can connect with.

It’s important to start with one platform because social media and the internet, in general, can be overwhelming for the elderly who haven’t spent a lot of time around it.

Don’t let your elderly loved ones’ reluctance deter you at first. It can take some time for them to come around. Keep trying to get them interested because the benefits are worth the effort.

Personal consulting is a way for you to figure out how you can help you loved one more. I offer this service to caregivers and the elderly to improve their life.

Contact me now for more information on personal consulting for yourself or for your senior loved one.

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