Helping the Elderly in Despair

elderly in despair

Despair is a common stage in the elderly. As they reflect on their life and their current health condition, they often find themselves feeling hopeless and helpless. They see their loved ones dying, and they know it’s only a matter of time before they also have to leave this world.

Despite those feelings, it’s important for caretakers to understand that despair is not something the elderly has to live with until their last day. Despair is something that can be worked through and overcome.

It’s a temporary belief and feeling. Beliefs, especially when feelings are attached are not easily changed. They are deep rooted, and it takes a professional to be able to touch on it in a way that will help alleviate some of the despair the senior feels.

How Personal Consulting Can Help

Personal consulting is a viable option for seniors who are dealing with despair. By uncovering the reasons they feel this way (identifying the beliefs), the senior can start to work through some of those beliefs in positive, constructive ways.

For example, many seniors who are in despair believe they will die soon, so what’s the point of living life to its fullest. A personal consultant can help the senior see that death is something that could have happened at any time through life, but yet, life was lived despite that fact. Just because age is a factor now, it doesn’t mean life ends. It still could be years before the last breath is taken, and in the meantime, life should be lived just as it has always been lived.

As Kendall Van Blarcom, personal consultant, uncovers more of the beliefs of seniors surrounding their despair, he will be able to ask the right questions that will help seniors come to conclusions much like in the example above.

As seniors talk and feel listened to, they will open up even more. They will find they are valued and worthy. Their thoughts are legitimate and people do care of them. They will also feel as though their life still matters. With small steps, they can move forward to a place where they may not feel so hopeless and helpless. They may find that each day is a new one to overcome life’s tribulations with more optimism.

For more information on how Kendall Van Blarcom – personal consultant can help a senior you know, contact him. You will likely find he is the person you’ve been looking for to help your loved one get over the despair that’s taken over his or her life.

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