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How an Addictive Personality Can Control Your Life

When someone has an addictive personality, he or she is predisposed to becoming addicted to various things. It doesn’t always have to be substances, either. It can be gambling, exercise, food, or anything. It can be anything that someone likes. Learn more about what you can do about an addictive personality.

About an Addictive Personality

Addiction takes place when people become so enthralled with something that they can’t stop. They will put aside other areas of their life just so they have time for whatever they are addicted to at the time. They become obsessed with it.

If the addicted person cannot access what their obsession is, they end up become angry and anxious. They will demand their addiction, and will not stop until they get it.

People with an addictive personality can have their life easily taken over by whatever they are addicted to. As soon as they experience something they enjoy, they have a hard time stopping their engagement in it. They continue to do it repeatedly. It becomes their life.

The dangers of this depend on the addiction – however, in most of them, people lose their job, ruin relationship, compromise their health, safety, and future. They end up risking their whole lives for this addiction.

Addiction affects everyone – not just the addict. Loved ones often have to deal with the anger and anxiety associated with the person not getting what he is obsessed with, and often end up enabling the addict. For example, the addict may ask for money, and his/her loved one provides it. The loved one knows if he/she doesn’t, it will just cause a lot of stress. This is how relationships become strained over time, as the loved one doesn’t want to give in, but feels there’s no other choice.

Personal Consulting for Addictive Personalities

The good news is an addictive personality can be treated, and loved ones dealing with it can get help. Kendall Van Blarcom is a personal consultant who offers personal consulting to people who are going through the struggles of life, including a life that has been taken over by an addictive personality.

Through your personal consulting sessions, you will find out more about your addictive personality. By noticing the signs of becoming addicted, you can change what you do to keep whatever it is you are becoming obsessed with to control your life. When you’re already addicted, personal consulting can help you see how what you’re obsessed with is affecting your life, and come up with ways to step away from it to have a better sense of balance.

For loved ones, personal consulting can help you learn more about the person in your life who has an addictive personality. You can learn how to deal with the person’s antics, and how not to be an enabler. You can be a great source of support and help your friend or family member.

Book an appointment today. It will be good to get it out in the open with someone who you can trust from the comfort of your home. All sessions conducted via phone and completely confidential.

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