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How Does Personal Coaching Work for Seniors? - Personal Consulting Services

If you’re wondering, ‘how does personal coaching for seniors work?’, you’ll be pleased to know it’s a very natural and comfortable experience. We begin our work together by learning more about each other and building a trusting relationship. Like two trusted friends, our conversations remain casual and relaxed.

I’ll serve as an objective sounding board, helping you to:

  • Feel more confident about yourself.
  • Be more assertive.
  • Use conflict resolution techniques when dealing with difficult people.
  • Manage stress.
  • Maintain balance in your home and work life.

Because of the highly focused problem-solving approach I’ve developed, my clients usually start feeling better and more in control within weeks.

People often wonder how does personal coaching work in comparison to traditional therapy. Senior coaching services aim to resolve the problems that occur in our day-to-day lives or during life changes. Often, these issues don’t require mental health services. People need help and support in dealing with problems that arise in daily living.

We all experience occasional bumps in the road of life. That’s what I’m here for. As an experienced professional as well as a peer (senior helping seniors), I can support you through these difficult times.

How Does Personal Coaching Work for Seniors? Sessions

Our sessions together take place by phone, so we can easily connect no matter where you live or where your vacation or work trip takes you. I provide senior coaching services to all English speaking adults throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Personal phone consulting sessions allow you to obtain guidance wherever you are. Thanks to the convenience of the telephone, you can plan your personal coaching sessions for seniors for times and dates that work best with your schedule.

If you work or have other daytime commitments, I offer after-hours senior coaching services during the evenings and on weekends.

Frequency of Senior Coaching Services Sessions

You can choose daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly personal phone consulting sessions. You control how long each session lasts (usually an hour) and how often we meet. Your convenience is my priority. So I adjust my schedule to meet your needs, making myself available to you even on weekends and evenings.

You can schedule your personal phone consulting sessions conveniently online. Also, to bridge the gap between our meetings, you can follow me at Van Blarcom Consulting (Personal Support) on Facebook.

Appointments and Cost

Personal coaching sessions for seniors are by appointment only, which you can easily schedule online. Senior coaching services session fees are incurred hourly and payable in advance via PayPal. You can pay for one session at a time or in multiples. Personal coaching sessions for seniors adhere to a 50-minute hour. Billing for all phone therapy sessions is reflected accordingly.

To schedule an appointment or request more information about Van Blarcom Consulting’s senior coaching services, please contact me here.

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