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How to Avoid Sedentary Behavior

A new study has been released from Northwestern University revealing that sedentary behavior is much more problematic than everyone believed. It can be directly related to future physical disabilities such as bathing, getting dressed, and eating independently. Researchers conclude that every additional hour people spend sitting, it increases their risk of physical disability by 50%.

With this additional support against sedentary behavior, it is important to get up and moving. While this can be quite difficult for some seniors, who cannot move as easily or painlessly as they wish, it’s important that they try. Just doing a little more activity each day could mean big changes in the way they feel and improve their flexibility later in life.

How to Do It

You don’t have to jump into an exercise program to get the physical activity you need. You can simply just move a little more than you do now. This means when you get usedentary behaviorp in the morning and have your breakfast, spend some time just stretching your body. Put your arms up and stretch. Take one foot and stretch it forward. Hold on to a chair, couch or something that will help you keep your balance. Bend side to side and back and forth. Go easy and take your time. It may not seem like much, but it does have benefits.

On nice days, go out and take a little walk. It doesn’t have to be far or fast. You can simply just take your time to go down the street and back.

Later on in the day, try to find reasons to get up and move. You can incorporate another walk later on during the day. You can go somewhere to walk, or if you have a bike, try that as well. Varying what you do will help you stay interested. It can really help to have a buddy to work out with as well. You can talk and get physical activity in at the same time.

You don’t have to leave your home to be physical active. You can house walk. This is something people do. You can walk around your house back and forth around certain pieces of furniture, going up stairs, and in and out of rooms. If it keeps you moving, it’s helping you.

As you gain strength, you can increase your physical activity. You will know you are ready for that when you don’t get as tired as you did when you first started. This is something to feel good about because you’re working your way up to better health.

Get More Help with Remaining Healthy

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