How to Downsize for Retirement without Stress

How to Downsize for Retirement without Stress

How to Downsize for Retirement without StressRetirement often marks a new stage of life. With every life changing event, a new living environment often ensues. According to a study, 66% of seniors use the sale of their home to help pay for retirement. This makes sense since many retirees do not need the same size house as they did when they were raising children and taking care of older parents, and they also don’t have the same income to pay for the mortgage as they did while they were working. Downsizing means a small place with lower monthly financial obligations.

Just because it makes sense to downsize, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to do. When you live in the same place for many years, you end up creating memories there and it can be hard to think that you won’t be creating any new ones in that place. You know you will always have the memories you’ve created, but it’s the sadness of not having more of them or being able to look at special places in your home and remember those memories that hurts so much.

The other struggle with downsizing is that people often need to give up many of their belongings. It’s not all of them, but usually it’s a lot of the items that they would like to hold on to, but really have no reason to anymore. These items can hold special meaning for retirees, and that can make the whole process even sadder.

How to Make It Easier

There are a lot of emotions in the moving process of downsizing a home. This is why there is a lot of mental work that has to go into it to do it successfully.

Start by writing down all of the reasons you have for downsizing. Yes, you may have them in your mind right now, but it’s better that you write them down. You will be able to see them in front of you, which makes it real.

As you move forward with your move, pull out your list of reasons and review them. This will likely make you feel better about it.

Talk about the move as much as possible. The more you talk about it, the more you’ll learn to accept it as a natural progression of your life. You can talk about the positive AND negative of how you feel about it. It’s venting and that can release a lot of the emotions you have pent up inside of you.

Make piles of the belongings you want to keep, those that you can let go of, and the ones that you don’t necessarily need but don’t want to get rid of. That leaves you with one pile that makes the move difficult for you. Now, it may be hard to have that one pile. You may look around your home right now and think you want all of it. However, get started on the piles and you will soon see that it’s not everything. It will be much easier to deal with if you can concentrate on just one pile rather than all of it.

With that pile, you may want to start deciding which items you can’t let go at all. If that’s all of it, you may need to go back to it another day. You’ll have good days and bad days…do more on the good days and less on the bad ones.

This is the start of downsizing. The rest of it depends on the expertise of a personal consultant – Kendall Van Blarcom. He can help you get through this life transition. Contact him now for more help in how you can make this stage of life much more pleasant and successful.

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