How to Find Happiness Once and For All

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Many people search for happiness their entire life and never find it. They continuously look for happiness in all of the wrong places. They look for it in their bank accounts, in the vehicles they drive, and in all of their possessions. No matter how much they buy or receive, they don’t ever feel happy. This just leads them to think they need something else. They continuously look for things that will make them happy, but the more they get, the less happy they become. It just seems like nothing will give them that inner happiness they truly want in their life.

Maybe that “inner happiness” is the answer. Happiness is felt from the inside, right? Well, if it’s felt from the inside, how can outside factors cause an inside reaction?

Well, as you probably have already started to think about – outside factors DO cause inside reactions. As you know all too well, when you buy a new vehicle, you feel great. You’re excited and you’re really happy.

The problem is those feelings don’t last. They may be with you for a few days or even several weeks, but as time goes on, those feelings fade.

Now, what if you could find a way for those feelings not to fade? In other words, find happiness in some other way that will continuously fuel your inner happy.

Realizing You Have All You Need to Be Happy

What many people don’t realize is that they have everything they need to be happy. They do not need to buy anything else, and they don’t need anything else in their life. They can simply find happiness with the way life is right at this moment.

The way to achieve this is through gratitude. See, people get into a cycle of wanting and getting. They want something, they get it, and then they want something again. They continue this cycle over and over again. They can break this cycle by not wanting anything anymore. For example, when you can say I have everything I want, something inside you will turn on – yes, that’s the beginning of happiness.

Just imagine being able to not only say you have everything you want, but believing it too.

What you may be saying right now is, “BUT…I do want more things.” You will always want more things. However, it’s the level of that want that needs to be adjusted to help you find happiness. When your belief that you have everything you need is stronger than the feelings of want you have inside of you, you’ll begin to find that happiness you’ve been searching for.

Give this a try. It might be helpful to write down all that you do have, so you can see it right in front of you. That way you may just have an easier time realizing you have everything you need to be happy.

For more help with finding your inner happiness, contact Kendall Van Blarcom – personal consultant. He can help you discover what it really means to be happy.

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