How to Increase Your Self-Motivation


Motivation occurs under many circumstances, but when you experience natural inspiration as a result of energy from your spirit, that’s when you’ll feel exuberant and eager to willingly devote time to your interests. Self-motivation helps when you’re trying to lose weight, become more invested in a goal for your future, quit an addiction, or even something as simple as getting your chores done.

Boost Your Positive Thinking

When you’re driven by daily goals and routines, motivation can be challenging if it doesn’t come naturally. You need a positive mental outlook. Train yourself to avoid negative thinking. Also, create a list of reasons to pursue your goal.

Did you know that internal self-motivation is best developed in environments where external motivation is decreased? It’s one thing to motivate when someone else is cracking the whip and asking you to perform. It’s another thing to be internally motivated. Then, you are totally in charge of the outcome.

When I need to motivate myself to do something, it’s almost impossible when I am procrastinating or filling my time with long phone conversations or watching movies. Let’s take a look at a couple of hypothetical goals so that you can see how positive or negative self-motivation can assist you in achieving your objectives.

Suggestions for Improving Your Self-Motivation

An important aspect of self-motivation is allowing yourself to dream about your goal. At the beginning of any goal, motivation tends to feel painless. In fact, inspiration often strikes when you decide to do something positive toward reaching your goal. For example, I have always wanted to put a daily routine in place that would allow me to walk for fifteen minutes. That’s all…just fifteen minutes. It doesn’t sound that difficult, does it?

On the first day, I arose thirty minutes earlier than normal. The sun was just beginning to show on the horizon, and there I was, out the door wearing my sweats and a new pair of walking shoes.

On the second day, I was looking forward to my new routine, but about five minutes into my walk, it started raining. I turned around and ran home. I was disgusted and drenched, but content that my self-motivation was still intact. It was then that I decided to come up with an alternate plan in case rain threatened to sabotage my walking goals.

One key factor for increasing your self-motivation is focusing on the now. So, when a challenge meets you face to face, you won’t dwell on the past. You can come up with an alternate plan that will keep you on course. For me, that meant excercising in my home on rainy days. This keeps my daily activity goal in tact.

Certainly there are hundreds of ways to motivate yourself, and each method depends on the goal you’re going after, talking through your goals can help you pave the path to motivation.

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