How to Know You Are Ready for Retirement

How to Know You Are Ready for Retirement

How to Know You Are Ready for RetirementYou’ve probably told yourself many times that retirement will be such a joy. Now, as that time is approaching, you may be having a hard time making the decision. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. Retirement is a huge decision that can affect you emotionally and mentally.

Why Retirement Is So Hard

Retirement is so difficult because it’s a life stage that’s new to you. For most of your life so far, you’ve worked. It’s been a huge part of your life. Thinking that you may not have to go to work again can be exciting, but scary as well.

Many people feel as though they have lost their identity. Their jobs may have defined who they were, and they don’t really understand the purpose of their life now that work is coming to a close. This is why many people decide to continue working, and some, all the way until death.

Retirement is hard because of the loss of income as well. Even though some people have saved money for it, there’s still that sense of insecurity that if they don’t have a steady job, they may not be able to make ends meet. Letting go of the paycheck can be so incredibly nerve wrecking that it’s just easier to continue working for the comfort.

Deciding on Retirement

Answer the following questions to decide if it’s the right time for retirement:

  • Have you reached retirement age?
  • Do you have enough money saved up and do you have a pension set in place for retirement?
  • Do you have plans for when you retire?
  • Are you finding it hard to continue working because of medical conditions related to your age?
  • Will retirement make you feel better about your life?

If you’ve answered yes to most of these questions, it’s time to consider retirement. You’re either ready or almost there, so you should prepare for it.

Approaching Retirement

Retirement is not a bad thing. It’s a very good thing that everyone should embrace with open arms. As scary as it is, it’s something that will ultimately better your life, if you see it that way and take steps to make it that way.

It’s true that if you are miserable about retiring, you will continue to feel that way throughout your Golden Years. If you think that it’s a positive step in your life, you’ll end up having some great things happen in the years after employment. You’ll be much more willing to enjoy the extra time to yourself. You’ll do all of the things that you have been thinking that you simply don’t have enough time for because of work.

Getting Additional Help

Retirement is a big decision that personal consulting can help you with right now. Kendall Van Blarcom understands the thoughts and feelings you are having right now about retiring. He can discuss your situation, provide encouragement, advice, and more, so you can make a well-informed decision. Please contact Kendall today for more information on how personal consulting can help you decide on retirement.

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