If someone you love needs someone to talk to, recommend therapy.

How to Recommend Therapy to Someone You Love

When you notice someone you love is hurting, it is painful. And this is true whether they are experiencing problems with their physical health or their mental health. But somehow, for many, it is simpler to talk about a physical issue. But just as you would recommend a doctor for an illness, if someone needs to talk through personal issues it is time to recommend therapy.

If you want to recommend therapy to someone you love, there are several ways to start the conversation. And the sooner you do so, the sooner your loved one can alleviate some of their pain.

You may be the first to recognize a problem. This can be especially likely if your loved one is a family member and you have a unique lens on their troubles. This may be because you are a family member who has witnessed dysfunctional family behaviors in your loved one. (It is well documented that behavioral patterns occur in dysfunctional families, whether that dysfunction stems from addictions or inadequate emotional support.) Or you may be a sibling who is worried that your brother or sister is having trouble handling the stress of caring for your parents. Whatever the situation, know that there is help.

When to Recommend Therapy

If you are embarking on a delicate conversation, try to have it when your loved one is receptive. Avoid times when someone is tired or you are having an argument. Try to begin the conversation when you are both in good spirits and in a private setting. One-on-one discussions are good for private matters, as you want you don’t want your loved one to feel attacked.

A friendly tone can pave a path to more serious conversations. There is a lot of stigma surrounding mental health in our society, let your loved one know you will support them on their journey to wellness.

Suggest Ways to Get Help

If your loved one is overwhelmed by the idea of starting counseling, you can offer to help them find the right match. There are many options available. For example, Van Blarcom Consulting is based in California, but also counsels clients around the world through online and phone conversations. We likely have a situation and schedule that would work for you and your loved one.

Also, if you have healed through counseling yourself, tell your loved one about how talking to someone helped you. Be compassionate and encouraging so they feel you are on their team, that you are working with them rather than judging.

If someone you love is experiencing mental health issues, counseling and therapy is a way to being the healing process. Let your loved one know this, and that you will support them throughout their recovery, whatever path that takes. A professional can help someone adjust their thoughts and learn ways to live a more bountiful life.

Contact Van Blarcom Consulting for more suggestions on how to recommend therapy to someone you love. Through counseling, you and your loved ones can move forward and thrive.

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