Stay Healthy with Low-Impact Workouts

Low-Impact Workouts

Staying active and moving your body is essential for good health. And while high-impact activities might have been effective in your 20s and 30s, seniors can enjoy physical activities in a calmer way, through low-impact workouts.

Exercise helps your physical health by keeping your body strong and fit. In addition, exercise is good for your mental health as it produces endorphins, hormones that give you a sense of happiness. Social engagement is good for your mental health, too. So, opt to participate in any of these activities with a friend.

Benefits of Tai Chi

A gentle movement sometimes described as meditation in motion, tai chi can help senior citizens improve their balance and focus on their breath.

Tai chi has been reported to improve strength, flexibility, immune system function, and sleep patterns. While the movements are beneficial for all ages, many seniors opt to try tai chi because you can enjoy all of the benefits even if you are unable to participate in extreme aerobic exercise. Tai chi is widely regarded as a safe form of exercise, even for people who are older and have chronic diseases.

Yoga Can Be Your Low-Impact Workout

A way to strengthen your core and body muscles, a consistent yoga practice can improve bone density, too. From a mental health perspective, many find practicing alleviates symptoms of anxiety and depression.

If you are new to yoga, reach out to a local community or senior center to find a class that focuses on the appropriate level for you. There are yoga poses that improve flexibility and balance while others focus on building strength. From beginning to advanced, there is truly a yoga class for every level of experience. Many find yoga to be integral to healthy aging.

Get Social with a Water Class

If you enjoyed swimming when you were younger, make it part of your routine again. Swimming and water exercise can improve brain function and promote blood flow. Long celebrated as an effective low-impact workout, swimming strengthens your body while supporting your joints.

Plus, if you are looking for more social connections, a water class for seniors at a local pool could be just the right fit.

Walking for Your Health

When you keep a regular walking schedule, you will enjoy many health benefits. This exercise, which for some can be as simple as putting on a comfortable pair of shows and heading out the door, has been linked to lower risks of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and cardiac arrest. Plus, regular walkers are less likely to experience constipation or erectile dysfunction.

If you are mobile, you can adjust your walking to your own level of fitness. For a more intense workout, add hills. If that is too difficult, simply keep to flat terrain and stay in your neighborhood.

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