Determination and willpower lead to growth.

Measuring Your Determination and Willpower

Do you believe that you are in control over your thoughts and actions? It’s been said that determination is the doctrine of all things, which includes our will to grow and succeed. It is important to remember we are in control if we choose to be.

Cultivate You Own Willpower

You can develop willpower and change your life. Self-control can be cultivated. You can nurture your own growth. Whether you are seeking self-control to eat right, avoid alcohol, exercise, or move forward with productivity, you can do it.

Personal coaching sessions can help. These appointments are phone calls where you can talk to a professional about issues that aren’t easy to resolve on your own. Together, a path forward can be paved.

For example, if there is a friend or family member who is continually calling you with their own problems, and taking your attention away from tasks you need to finish, do you have the willpower to not let that person interfere with your day? You are in control. You do not have to give them power over your time. If this is expected within the relationship, it may be time to assess how healthy the relationship is.

Determination and Willpower

Everyone enters life with free will. It is a choice and in most circumstances people are happy to exercise it. You have likely felt the balance between determination and willpower within your own life. So, if you start a day determined to make life changes, that is only the beginning. Because, as the day goes on, there will be items competing for your attention. But you can train your mind to be in control of your own urges. Rather than making up rules as the day progresses, set goals and learn to follow them for a feeling of success.

Leave the Past In the Past

There are many lessons to be learned from past mistakes. Learn from them and then let it go. Be forgiving and kind, to yourself and others. Think of the past as a training ground for the future you want to live. Do not dwell in past decisions.

To be in control of a situation, and have the willpower to move into the future you want, it is important to leave the past behind. If you are having trouble doing this, try expressing yourself. Talking through your feelings and writing them out in a journal can really help. It can assist you in seeing what is truly bothering you and what needs to be figured out so you can move on.

You are able to decide what works for you. Learn to be conscious of how you are approaching your daily goals. Instead of spending mental energy worrying or ruminating about the past, decide to make the life you want happen. Your willpower is waiting, use it.

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