Can Music Help Me Stay Sharp?

Keep your mind sharp by playing and listening to music.

Listening and playing music is enjoyable and has real benefits. Studies have shown that music can improve mood and memory while reducing pain and anxiety. Music stimulates the brain and can be a useful tool to keep your mind sharp and maintain mental alertness.

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Music Can Boost Brain Health in a Variety of Ways

When you decide to learn a musical instrument, listen to music, or sing at home, you could be doing an activity to keep your mind sharp. There are brain benefits to engaging with music.

Memories can be connected to music, including particular bands and songs. If you find you want to recall more memories from the past, it could be helpful to listen to music from that time.

For some, they are interested in boosting their creativity and thinking new thoughts rather than solely focusing on the past. If this is true for you, try listening to music that is new to your ears. Ask individuals who are younger than you, maybe your children or grandchildren, what they are listening to and then listen to that music yourself. If you don’t enjoy one musical group, try another. When you hear different types of music, it challenges your brain and can help to keep your mind sharp.

Pay attention to how music makes you feel and use it to your advantage. There may be a form of music that helps you to relax that could be ideal for the end of the day. Or, maybe there is an energetic playlist that helps motivate you to move your body and exercise.

Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp with Music

  • Learn an instrument
  • Sing a song
  • Listen to music
  • Dance to the beat

While many things you do require areas of the brain to be activated, playing an instrument activates many areas and can help to keep your mind sharp. Researchers have found even listening to music sets off many reactions in the brain as your mind works to identify the sounds and recognize the melody from the rhythm. Music is a full workout for your brain.

Singing also carries benefits, and you don’t have to be in a group to enjoy the benefits of singing either. Just as yoga can be helpful in bringing strong, steady breaths into the body, singers bring more oxygen in, improving circulation. This increase in blood flow can boost your mood and alertness.

There is no large financial investment needed to keep your mind sharp with music. Your singing voice is free and portable. Music to listen to can be found on the radio or online. And if you want to learn an instrument, there are ways to access lessons that are low cost or free of charge.

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