Online Consulting Services: Consulting to Seniors

Online Consulting Services: Consulting to Seniors

Online Consulting Services: Consulting to Seniors

Online consulting services provide help to senior citizens who are at point of transition or emotional pain in their life. This can be because of having to move out of their home into an assisted living arrangement, or because of the loss of a loved one or immobility. These services provide seniors with the support they need, so they can face each day with more optimism and hope.

Consulting to Seniors

Senior citizens go through a lot of turmoil. They’ve lived a full life and have been just as busy throughout their life as others. The difference now is that life has slowed down for them, while the world continues to race pass them. Children are grown with their own families, a spouse may have died or is also experiencing age-related ailments, and friends may have moved on as well. It’s hard. It’s hard dealing with seeing how life is coming to an end. Is it really, though?

If you think about it, life doesn’t end until you take your last breath. It’s true that life is different. Just like life was different when you were an infant, toddler, child, teen, young adult, and adult. Life stages are all different. Did the stages stop you before? If you think about it, all the way up until now, you’ve grown with every stage. You’ve learned more, done more, and experienced more. Why should this stage of your life be any different?

Life is about dealing with what you have, and that includes your physical and mental capabilities. So you may not be able to run anymore, but you can still walk. Or if you can’t walk, you can still speak. If you can’t speak, you can still read. If you can’t read, you can still listen. Taking challenges that you’re experiencing in your life and learning how to overcome them is what online consulting services is all about. You benefit from someone who will support you, encourage you, and motivate you to keep going despite the problems that may arise.

Yes, it’s easy to go to bed to try to forget about this stage of your life. However, it’s the not the best way to spend this time. You have many days left on Earth, and you might as well take advantage of them. You did it before, so you should do it now.

How to Get Started

Consulting to seniors by Kendall Van Blarcom happens over the phone. You will have a session with him as often as you would like and during that session, you will be able to discuss anything you want. You can tell Kendall how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and what you wish for yourself. Through his careful listening, he will be able to help you see there is hope. There’s hope for feeling better about this stage of life. All you have to do is allow Kendall to help you.

Contact Kendall of Van Blarcom Consulting today. The first consultation can be 25 minutes for a low price of $45.

Life is not over yet, so don’t give up. There is hope here.

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Are you feeling “uneasy” about a situation in your life? Kendall Van Blarcom provides caring and compassion as your personal confidant, helping you overcome the obstacles standing in the way of your peace and joy. Sessions are conducted via a secure landline. Call for an appointment today.

Van Blarcom Consulting Mission Statement

To provide improved mental health support for seniors, education, and motivation to individuals having difficulty with life’s challenges, and to empower them to turn their life around so they can improve it with positive changes that will greatly influence their thoughts, feelings, and actions for the rest of their life.

Kendall E. Van Blarcom, Psy.M. Licensed Psychotherapist (Retired)


Please note: I do not offer the services of a virtual counselor, therapist or geriatric psychologist. Online personal consulting is not intended to take the place of traditional face-to-face therapy, clinical assessment or treatment.

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