How Personal Consulting Can Help with Emotional Eating

emotional eating

Do you often find yourself out of control with your eating? Do you feel guilty when you’re done? If so, you may be eating for another purpose than just fueling your body. You may be doing something called emotional eating.

About Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is when you eat to calm your nerves or forget about the stress in your life. If you’ve ever turned to a huge burger and fries when you’re feeling sad, you know what emotional eating is, and you know how good and bad it can make you feel.

On the one hand, you feel good eating because it helps take your mind off whatever it is that is bothering you. On the other hand, you may not feel well afterwards such as having stomach ache, headache, or just feeling uncomfortable from all of the food you consumed.

Over time, you may have found yourself turning to food more often. You may be going through some tough times in your life, and food is always there ready to get your mind off it. You may find yourself hiding when you eat because you don’t want anyone to know how much you really are eating. Some people start depending on food so much for the emotional comfort that they skip time spent with friends, call out of work, and don’t go to school, just so they can eat.

If you are doing most of these things, you may want to speak to your healthcare professional. You may be suffering from something more serious than emotional eating. It may be binge eating disorder.

Getting Help from a Personal Consultant for Emotional Eating

A personal consultant can help you with your emotional eating. Remember, you are turning to food because it is available and it makes you feel good temporarily. Now, what if you could find something that would make you feel good, but much longer than food? Personal consulting can do that for you.

Kendall Van Blarcom is a personal consultant who can help you through the turmoil in your life, so you don’t run to food for comfort. Whenever you feel as though you are about to eat because of stress, give Kendall a call instead to let it all out. When you do that, you won’t end up feeling the guilt or depression you do after eating large quantities of food. You won’t feel physically ill or increase your risk for medical conditions because of overeating. There’s nothing but benefits that come from speaking to a personal consultant rather than emotional eating.

Contact Kendall Van Blarcom today for more information on how you can stop emotional eating.

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