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therapy for caregivers

therapy for caregiversTherapy for caregivers is an important resource when caring for an older loved one. Taking care of someone is hard work, and it’s even tougher when that person is a parent. The role reversal and struggles that come along with an adult having to relinquish independence can be much more than one person can handle. The best thing to do when caregivers begin to experience mental and emotional effects due to caring for a senior is to seek therapy or personal consulting.

How Therapy or Personal Consulting Helps

Talking about what is going through your mind can significantly boost your mental and emotional health. If you’ve ever had a long conversation with a friend or family member about your troubles, you know how much relief you can experience from just talking.

This may make you wonder, “If talking is therapeutic, why can’t I just talk to my friends and family?”

There are a few different reasons venting to friends and family isn’t enough.

  • Most people cannot be completely candid with what they are saying to their friends and family. They must avoid certain topics because they know their friends and family won’t agree or will think less of them.
  • Some people don’t feel comfortable completely venting about their older loved one because they fear they will be seen as a bad person.
  • Often times, friends and family aren’t available to speak to when needed.
  • Friends and family can sometimes have a hard time providing support.

Friends and family can only be helpful to an extent. There comes a time when they won’t help anymore, whether because they don’t want to or they simply don’t know how. This is when therapy or personal consulting can step in and help.

What Is Therapy and Personal Consulting?

Many caregivers will turn to a therapist when they need help with a situation. While a therapist can be helpful, it might be good to seek the assistance of a personal consultant. A personal consultant, such as Kendall Van Blarcom, can provide a type of talk therapy that’s much more specialized to what you’re dealing with. Kendall has experience as a therapist, but he wanted to do something different to help seniors and their caregivers. Since traditional therapy often focuses on diving deep into a person’s problems and resolving deep-rooted issues, Kendell decided personal consulting would be better for caregivers and seniors. Caregivers need emotional support, and seniors need the same. They do not need to examine their deep-rooted issues to help their situation. They need to face their current problems, and find ways to solve them. This is what Kendall does for people.

If you’re seeking therapy for caregivers, you may want to consider Kendall Van Blarcom. Read about his experience helping people for many years, and how he helps people now. You can then set up a time to speak with Kendall about what you’re going through, so you can finally get the help you so desperately need right now.

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