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Personal Consulting Service for Seniors & Personal Coach for Mental Health

professional life coach for mental health for seniors

Do you ever wonder if you should talk to a personal life consultant about the way you’re feeling? Perhaps a professional counselor or therapist? Or maybe a seniors’ professional personal coach for mental health like me? My personal consulting service for seniors makes it easy to feel better about so many different situations in life.

First, ask yourself:

  • Am I feeling more stressed than usual?
  • Do little things make me anxious or angry?
  • Are important relationships suffering?
  • Am I worried about the future?
  • Does daily life feel overwhelming at times?
  • Do I find it hard to deal with difficult people?
  • Above all: Would I like help to start feeling better?

If you said yes to any of the above, a personal consultant can help. My name is Kendall Van Blarcom. I’m a recently retired licensed marriage and family therapist with decades of experience. These days, as a personal consultant, I offer my professional personal coach for senior citizens services to people all over the English-speaking world via phone.

I’m here to act as your personal confidant. Most importantly, as a senior helping seniors and others from all walks of life, I genuinely care about helping you to live your best life. Moreover, I’m here to support you and to:

…listen without judging or criticizing the decisions you’ve made.

…offer professional, objective, and constructive feedback.

…help you solve the problems that are bothering you right now.

Don’t I Have to See a Senior Personal Coach for Mental Health in Person?

Traditional mental health counseling, psychotherapy, and clinical assessment or treatment should take place face-to-face. However, what I offer, as a professional personal coach for mental health for seniors, is a personal consulting service, or personal coaching service. A personal consultant (or personal coach) is not intended to take the place of mental health care services. Instead, my style of support aims to help people like you get past the everyday personal and professional challenges we all face. We all face bumps in the road from time to time. A professional coach and peer can help you through these difficult times so you can get back to a joyful, satisfying life.

People come to me for online advice and coping skills. They come to me for my personal consulting service because they need a sounding board – because sometimes it’s easier to share deeply personal, confidential problems with a qualified stranger who doesn’t bring baggage to the relationship. As a result, we discover the root of the problem and uncover effective solutions to improve your life.

No Sterile Office, No Driving Time

All your sessions with me, a professional personal coach for senior citizens, take place in the privacy of your home or office via phone. This allows you to receive professional guidance from a senior personal coach for mental health discreetly, no matter where you live. You can even schedule my personal consulting service for days and times when you’re traveling for work or pleasure. I’m available 7 days a week, including evenings. Sessions with Kendall, your senior personal coach for mental health, are available to all English speaking adults throughout the United States and Canada.

Focus on Problem Solving with a Professional Personal Coach for Senior Citizens

In short, traditional counseling can take months or years. Psychotherapy can take even longer. And of course, that all costs a lot of money.

As a professional personal coach for mental health, I have developed a problem-solving approach through my personal consultant service that will help you see progress within weeks.

What to Expect from My Personal Consulting Service


  • A focused approach to resolving personal anxieties and conflicts
  • Total confidentiality
  • Clear, objective feedback
  • Non-judgmental discussions
  • Freedom to progress on your own terms and schedule

Personal consulting services for seniors and online advice from Van Blarcom Consulting, a professional personal coach for senior citizens, can help you start feeling better about things very soon. So don’t delay! Get in touch with me today to get the ball rolling toward a brighter future.

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