I Have Developed a Powerful Method That Can Solve Your Personal Problems

Turn your life around faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t needed help at some point in their lives. But close friends, family members, and those counselors who insist on seeing you every week for years on end never resolve your life situations and they aren’t going to help you live an emotionally happy and peaceful life, are they?

What’s in a name?

It doesn’t matter if you call it consulting, counseling, coaching, advice giving personal consulting, or mentoring, at the end of the day, each moniker has the same goal: delivering the help that you need.

The problem is that people really don’t listen to you unless you’re paying them

If you have ever spent sleepless nights worrying about a relationship, your health, or your finances, and didn’t know which way to turn, there is one solution that can relieve your heartache and discontent – talk to someone who will truly listen to what you’re going through. But, that person can’t just be anybody.

Right now, you may not be feeling like you’re functioning in a state of happiness. Maybe you’re even putting up walls and refusing to let other people know that your current situation is ripping you apart inside. You might be feeling like there’s no one that you can talk to who would understand.

The people who are in your life who you might want to share your feelings with are not people who are going to give you truthful answers and solutions that will really help you escape from the gnawing and painful feelings that you’re experiencing. Yes, they might want to cheer for you and tell you that everything will get better in time, but that’s not what you really want to hear, is it?

Been there, done that!

If you’ve ever sat through an in-person counseling session where the counselor you’re paying gazes at you and waits for you to respond with some profound emotional statement, you’ll understand how freeing it is to not have to physically be in the office for an appointment.

Whether you have committed to a fixed schedule of showing up in person to reveal your innermost thoughts to a coach or a counselor for six months, a year, or several years, two things should be apparent: why are you still going there after all this time? Why aren’t you feeling better about yourself and your situations?

Counseling, consulting, and coaching should be designed to resolve your personal issues. You should feel inspired and motivated to experience the journey of wanting to achieve self-confidence and true inner joy and happiness. Aren’t you entitled to at least that, after all? Besides, when are all those counseling sessions going to stop? When are you done?

What if…

kendall-e-van-blarcomYes, what if you could sit in the comfort of your home, your office, the park, or relaxing quietly in your car and have a counseling session that was totally private? Then within a very short amount of time, the anger, frustration, and anxieties that you’re currently feeling deep inside you, could be eliminated. Would you be willing to try it?

I have developed a powerful method that can solve your problems, this method is totally personal, private, and do not require you to physically sit face-to-face with me. I am a patient, available, and open sounding board that will become a priority in your life after just one phone call.

Through years of my own experiences and really care about helping others. Don’t make the mistake of spending your precious time and money on counselors who don’t want to see you get better. I am a personal consultant who can reveal ways that you can easily resolve your own personal problems.

Instead of trying to work out a solution in your own mind, and hoping that tomorrow will be a better day, pick up the phone and call me right now to make an appointment.

Or if you’re not in a place that you can talk, then click here and contact me through my e-mail form. Let me know when is the best time to contact you to set up an appointment time.

Are you ready to get started?

Do it now. Take action. This is your intuition telling you to arrange a private one-on-one phone consultation with me. I really do care about you. Call or email for an appointment with me, your personal consultant today.


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Are you feeling “uneasy” about a situation in your life? Kendall Van Blarcom provides caring and compassion as your personal confidant, helping you overcome the obstacles standing in the way of your peace and joy. Sessions are conducted via a secure landline. Call for an appointment today.

Van Blarcom Consulting Mission Statement

To provide improved mental health support for seniors, education, and motivation to individuals having difficulty with life’s challenges, and to empower them to turn their life around so they can improve it with positive changes that will greatly influence their thoughts, feelings, and actions for the rest of their life.

Kendall E. Van Blarcom, Psy.M. Licensed Psychotherapist (Retired)


Please note: I do not offer the services of a virtual counselor, therapist or geriatric psychologist. Online personal consulting is not intended to take the place of traditional face-to-face therapy, clinical assessment or treatment.

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