Senior Citizen Age: What Age Is a Senior Citizen?

Senior Citizen Age: What Age Is a Senior Citizen?

Senior Citizen Age: What Age Is a Senior Citizen?With each birthday, you may have had a perception of that number. For example, at 18, you may have said, “I’m officially an adult.” At 21, you may have said, “I’m officially legal to drink alcoholic beverages.” These milestones may have gotten few and far between the older you grew, up until now.

Now that you’re approaching retirement, you may find yourself saying, “I’m going to be 55 (or 65), and that’s retirement age.” Some of you may even look at these ages and ask yourselves, “Does this mean I’m a senior citizen?”

Senior Citizen Age

What is an age? Besides being an anniversary of the day you were born, it doesn’t really dictate who you are or how you feel. You may receive certain privileges because of that age, but that’s probably as far as it goes.

So why is it that people continue to ask, “What age is a senior citizen?”

Often times, it isn’t just about the discounts that come along with the answer. It has to do with mental perceptions of the answer.

If someone told you that the senior citizen age is 55, you may start to feel older once you hit that age. What that means is you may find yourself worrying more about every ache and pain you experience. You may find yourself slowing down. You may find yourself feeling like your life is ending. These perceptions come from society.

The image of a senior citizen is one of someone who is wrinkled and inactive. Once people start to label themselves as seniors, they begin to believe they are that way.

The mind is a powerful thing and it will trick you. It will make you feel the way you perceive you will at a certain age. That is if you allow it.

Before going any further, let’s give you the answer you’re seeking. The answer to the question, “What age is a senior citizen?” is 65. Legally, you are considered a senior citizen at that age and that means you are eligible for government assistance. Many stores and restaurants have decided to grant discounts to those with a senior citizen age of 55. Some of them have decided to grant discounts to those who are as young as 50!

So what does the age(s) mean to you?

They should not mean anything other than the privileges you will receive.  It should be a good thing that you’re turning 50, 55, and 65.

If you look into any more than that, you will start to feel yourself slipping mentally and emotionally, and it won’t be too long before you do physically. It’s all connected and the best way to keep yourself feeling good about yourself and life is to understand that age is just a number. It’s been said, and it’s the truth.

So don’t become depressed about your age. Whether you’re a senior citizen or you’re about to be one, you are still just as capable and great as you were the year or years before. Sure, there will be changes, but that comes along with the reality of life. Take what you get and do what you can. It’s all anyone can do, and it’s the best way to enjoy life.

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