Senior Citizen Help at Home

Senior Citizen Help at Home

If you are considering seeking senior citizen help at home, reach out to talk about what options are available. Consulting is a great way to talk about whatever is on your mind. Whether you need to talk though a trouble or are simply wanting to feel connected with another individual.

Deciding to age at home, or helping someone you love to age at home, will likely mean getting a bit of help around the house, from transportation needs to household maintenance. Some can get what they need relying on friends and family members. Others feel more comfortable hiring help.

Help Around the House

There is a lot to take care of around the house and as you age you may need (or simply appreciate) some help with day-to-day tasks, from shopping to handyman services.

Kendall Van Blarcom can help with handyman services if you are in Santa Rosa or the surrounding area. For example, some find modifying a home to fit the needs of an older adult can be helpful. Modifications such as adding grab bars to bathrooms to changing light fixtures that are precariously out of reach can bring you piece of mind and safety while you age in your own home.

Location and Transportation

When a senior is deciding to age in place it is helpful to keep their location in mind. If the individual lives in an area that is rural or suburban they will likely need more support with transportation than a person who is able to walk to stores or who has access to safe and reliable public transportation.

It is common for families to only discuss location and transportation after a senior has a health crisis. When possible, it is helpful to talk through options and plan ahead so you are able to know what help at home is available, if needed.

The Cost of Senior Citizen Help at Home

If you’ve decided on senior citizen help at home, walk through your budget before making any agreements. When you look at a variety of options, and the possible expenses of each choice, it is easier to see the situation clearly from a financial perspective.

Assisted living and in-home care can be very expensive. It is important to think through this and think about how long you will be incurring this expense. For example, even if your family can afford the expense for 5 years, could you afford it for 15 years?

Of course, it is up to the aging adult to decide where they want to live and what support they need. That said, family members can help when they get involved and support the senior in their decision-making process. If you are a senior looking for help at home or are a family member of a senior, talking through choices can be helpful. Is the senior’s concern connected to their health? Or are they feeling isolated and could use companionship?

Kendall Van Blarcom is a senior helping seniors. Contact Van Blarcom Consulting today for help with your personal problems. Or, reach out to provide support for an older adult in your life.

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