Senior Project Ideas for Mental and Emotional Health

Senior Project Ideas for Mental and Emotional Health

Senior Project Ideas for Mental and Emotional HealthSenior project ideas can help you engage with older loved ones and help them maintain their mental and emotional health. Since it can be difficult to come up with these ideas yourself, I thought I would find some for you to make it easier on you.

The Importance of Senior Project Ideas

Maintaining mental and emotional health during the senior years is just as important as any other stage of your life. Geriatric researchers have long studied the phrase “use it or lose it” and found that if seniors do not exercise certain areas of their brain, they indeed lose the ability to use them.

Projects can stimulate different parts of the brain that aren’t often used in daily living skills. This can greatly help seniors with depression and other mental/emotional issues.

Projects for Seniors

The following are some of the most enjoyable senior activities:

  • Scrapbooking

Pictures bring back memories and feelings. Many seniors enjoy reliving the moments of their life by talking about them. With scrapbooking, they can record those memories, so that future generations can also enjoy the highlights of the past.

You can make this project as easy or difficult as desired. Some people like to print photos and bring odds and ends to embellish each page, while others will go to a scrapbooking store and buy just about anything they can find. How far you go with it depends on what you like – simple or extensive.

  • Coloring Books

Coloring isn’t just for children anymore. With adult coloring books, seniors can enjoy the creativity and relaxation that comes with coloring. You can buy adult coloring books or print some out from the Internet.

Once a few pages have been colored, consider placing them all in a poster frame making it a type of collage. You can then hang it on the wall for decoration.

  • Knitting Project

Many seniors no longer knit because they don’t have any inspiration or need to do it. Consider bringing in some knitting books or a knitting project idea printed for a website. This way there’s something new to learn and the knitted item can be something you can be proud of.

  • Time Capsule

Similar to scrapbooking, a time capsule can be used to preserve memories for future generations. With a time capsule, you can place items from this time or the past. This time capsule can be placed anywhere you choose. You can bury it in your backyard or hide it in your home. Just be sure to let someone know where it is, so it can be found someday.

  • Personalized/Customized Frame

Frames are great for seniors because they can put in photos of their grandchildren or other loved ones. Since frames can be expensive, you can purchase a basic black one for a dollar and decorate the outside of it. Shells, buttons, and scrapbooking embellishments make great items for decorating frames.

  • Button Art

Buttons are beautiful and everyone has a basket of them somewhere. If not, there are found at all craft stores. Use the buttons to make a picture with invisible glue.

Need More Ideas?

You can visit my Pinterest board for more Senior Project Ideas. I’m adding more as I find them.

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