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Steps to Healing Trauma 

Healing trauma is different for each individual. When a traumatic event happens, whether it is losing a loved one or experiencing a natural disaster, some react with resilience. But others find themselves overwhelmed and unable to cope with daily life. This is natural. Everyone has different triggers and reactions, the important thing is to acknowledge pain and begin the healing process.

There is a process to healing trauma, you can work through it with a personal counselor. Some of the possible steps to healing follow, but remember that everyone is unique. The process can vary depending on the situation. Some will move between steps repeatedly, others find themselves getting stronger rapidly. The first step is to get started, contact a personal consultant today.

Talk Through Your Feelings

In order to heal, you have to work through the thoughts and emotions that are troubling you. For some, they find support with close friends or family members, but others may not want to share their experiences with them because they are worried about sharing their anxieties. In these instances, a professional can help you pave the path to improving your life.

Reach out if you feel any or all of the following apply to you:

  • Daily life is not retiring to normal weeks after a troubling event.
  • You are self medicating with alcohol.
  • You feel you don’t have a person to confide in.
  • A person close to you has suggested you seek help.
  • You are unable to focus on activities you used to love.

Take Care of Yourself As You Heal

When an event upends life, it is important to make an effort to ground yourself. Guarding your health and wellbeing with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and avoiding drugs and alcohol is recommended.

Plus, feeling safe is an essential part of healing trauma. A home where a person feels safe is a way to feel grounded. The physical space of safety combined with an emotional outlet to share your thoughts and feelings can be soothing. Many find spiritual support, through nature walks or religious services, to also be helpful.

Examining Life While Healing Trauma

Processing an adult or child trauma can take time, but then there is an opportunity to improve life moving forward. This is not to suggest the event will be forgotten or dismissed. Instead, look at the event as one aspect to a larger arch of life. There may be things that have been learned, insights into an individual’s priorities. Then, positive elements and strengths that has been garnered can become a benefit for months and years to come.

When an individual carries emotional injuries it can affect every aspect of life, including relationships, jobs, and physical health. Healing trauma means we need to give ourselves space to feel our feelings. Ways to do this include conversations with loved ones, discussions with mental health professionals, and journaling. Then, you can release the pain, and open up your life to positive energy.

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