Take Inventory of Your Strengths

Take Inventory of Your Strengths

If you are feeling low, take inventory of your strengths. People have different abilities and assets. Noticing your gifts will help you to find more happiness in your own life and enhance the lives of others.

For some, they excel in character strengths such as fairness and kindness. Others have given talents, such as athletic or musical ability. You may be a combination of strengths that all come together to make you the unique human you are.

Celebrate Your Gifts

We live in a world of assessments and reviews, from annual work reviews to personal goal assessments. Evaluation has become a way of life. Unfortunately, this can lead to feelings of inadequacy.

Rather than feel like you are missing out and wishing you were better, why not celebrate how well you are doing now. Being grateful and thankful for all you do have will bring you a sense of calm. Plus, some find that once they accept themselves more bounty comes into their lives naturally.

It is normal to want to do better, but try to avoid being so focused on improvement that you are unable to enjoy and appreciate the life you are living now.

Tell Your Story

We can see the character strengths of our friends in stories we tell about our times together, and we can also learn to notice our own strengths within those stories, too. Talking through your experiences can help you to see all the good within you.

Or, if you can think of a time you acted with strength, try writing down what happened in that particular situation and how that helped another person. After writing it down, read through the story again and notice your strengths. This exercise can help you to see that while you are not perfect, there are opportunities to see and grow the strengths in your life.

When You Take Inventory of Your Strengths, Focus on What You Have

When individuals experience a setback, they often become attached to that loss, pain, and suffering. It sounds impossible, but people can find comfort in the sadness because it becomes a familiar part of life.

But, life isn’t always smooth. When things are hard, sometimes you have to work on yourself to stop those rough patches from spreading from one area of life to the next. For example, you have a problem at work that leads to a bad attitude at home which can impact your marriage.

Focus on being mindful and moving forward. Talking through your problems with a professional and keeping a gratitude journal are both examples of how to train yourself to focus on what you do have and what strengths you naturally possess, rather than spending energy thinking about what you lack or what others have.

When you take inventory of your strengths and accept yourself as you are, you can enjoy life in a fuller, more meaningful way. You will be able to see beauty in the rain and connect with others without expectation.

Kendall Van Blarcom is a senior helping seniors. Contact Van Blarcom Consulting today for help with your personal problems. Or, reach out to provide support for an older adult in your life.

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