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For over 25 years, Van Blarcom Consulting has provided personal consulting services to clients from all corners of the world. Every week, I pride myself in posting counseling information and blogs focused on healing pathways for my clients and other mental health professionals.

Although my personal consulting practice focuses on personal issues and life challenges for seniors, the suggestions for self-care and wellness are universal and will help people of any age or situation, particularly those going through challenging life transitions.

Guest blogging submissions on appropriate topics are welcome at Van Blarcom Consulting, and I thank you for your interest in publishing on my blog. Please read Van Blarcom Consulting’s terms and conditions before submitting content for publishing.

Guest Blog Post Terms and Conditions (TOS)

  • Submitted posts must be original content that provides value to adults requiring mental health guidance and/or individuals interested in counseling. Please submit guest posts that have not been published elsewhere.
  • Guest post submissions must be in line with the blog topics we’ve already published, and preference will be given to authors who are mental health professionals, recognized experts in the field, or individuals with experience in mental health recovery.
  • Please take care with grammar and punctuation and spend some time reading my other blog posts to familiarize yourself with the style and tone of the blog.
  • Van Blarcom Consulting reserves the right to edit content for clarity and length.
  • Van Blarcom Consulting reserves the right to remove or decline a submitted post.
  • Plagiarism and copyright infringement will not be tolerated. All sources must be cited, or your guest post submission will be declined.
  • Author credit will be given for published posts, but no payment will be made to the author.
  • Published posts will remain the property of Van Blarcom Consulting.
  • Once the post has been published on Van Blarcom Consulting’s blog, guest bloggers may share their posts on their websites or social media.
  • No guarantees of public reach or exposure are given for guest posts.
  • Submitted posts must be between 500 and 1000 words.
  • Each post submitted for publication must have an appropriate 900px x 600px image attached.
  • Van Blarcom Consulting has the right to crop image if size is outside of given guidelines.
  • Van Blarcom Consulting reserves the right to remove links if deemed irrelevant.
  • Any affiliate links submitted in guest blog posts will be removed before publication.
  • Van Blarcom Consulting reserves the right to add links to guest posts when deemed appropriate.
  • Guest post authors are not employees of Van Blarcom Consulting and do not have the right to represent themselves as such.

By submitting content for publishing on the Van Blarcom Consulting website/blog, the featured guest blogger confirms his/her agreement to these terms and conditions.

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Van Blarcom Consulting Mission Statement

To provide improved mental health support for seniors, education, and motivation to individuals having difficulty with life’s challenges, and to empower them to turn their life around so they can improve it with positive changes that will greatly influence their thoughts, feelings, and actions for the rest of their life.

Kendall E. Van Blarcom, Psy.M. Licensed Psychotherapist (Retired)


Please note: I do not offer the services of a virtual counselor, therapist or geriatric psychologist. Online personal consulting is not intended to take the place of traditional face-to-face therapy, clinical assessment or treatment.

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