The Link Between Loneliness and Depression in Seniors

The Link Between Loneliness and Depression in Seniors

The Link Between Loneliness and Depression in SeniorsIf you’ve ever felt lonely, you probably know how sad it makes you. While this feeling can come and go, as you enter the senior years and go through its tribulations, you find yourself feeling lonely and sad most days. These feelings can start to have an effect on the quality of your life. You may start to isolate because you just don’t feel like heading out of the house or doing anything that would make you happy. The next thing you know, you might wonder if you are depressed.

Feeling lonely isn’t something you have to just deal with as you age. Loneliness may be okay temporarily, but if it becomes the norm, it can lead to serious depression. Depression can debilitate you making it difficult to live a quality life.

Research has shown that there is a significant relationship between depression and loneliness. A study published in the Industry Psychiatry Journal found that participants who feel lonely are more likely to suffer from depression. In addition, individuals who suffer from depression are more likely to feel lonely.

The problem that presents itself is that many older individuals have difficulty making new connections, and this can be a serious issue when they lose old connections due to death or a change in locality (i.e. moving to a nursing home farther away). Limited mobility can make it hard to leave the home. Feelings of sadness and despair pushes them back into isolation. It seems like a hopeless situation. The good news is that isn’t with the help of personal consulting.

How Personal Consulting Can Help

Personal consulting helps seniors who feel lonely and depressed by bringing them out of isolation. By speaking with a personal consultant like Kendall Van Blarcom, seniors are able to express their thoughts and process their feelings. One of the biggest complaints seniors have is that they do not have anyone to talk to who will genuinely listen to them. Kendall Van Blarcom listens. He has a patient ear that will take in every word spoken. He cares about the welfare of seniors. When someone needs comfort and support, he will provide it. If advice and guidance is needed, he will do that as well. Personal consulting can greatly improve the quality of life for seniors. It gets them feeling good about themselves and their lives again.

The cycle of loneliness, despair, and depression can be very difficult to get out of. When you do nothing, nothing will change. It’s time to take back control of your life by solving the root of the problem – loneliness. Talking to someone who is a personal confidant can do that for you.

Contact Kendall Van Blarcom today. You may just start feeling better with one session, and from there, you’ll be able to see your life in a new way to avoid the hold depression can have over you.

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