The Value of Finding a Personal Confidant

The Value of Finding a Personal Confidant

Do you have someone in your life that you can confide in? Someone who is willing to listen to you, no matter what? Finding a personal confidant in life is important, someone who possesses and responds to you with kind words, compassionate feedback, gentle actions, an open heart and a willingness to help improve the life of another without judgment, personal opinions, or blame.

How to Find a Personal Confidant

Friends and family members, if they do qualify as your personal confident, are sometimes too close to a situation occurring in your life. They may not tell you what you need to hear, for fear of hurting your feelings or upsetting a relationship dynamic that is already solidified.

Compassion is another word that comes to mind when you’re considering finding your own personal confidant. If you are brave enough to trust someone with your deepest heartfelt thoughts, emotions, and sometimes pent-up anger, then what you definitely need to put on your requirements list is that the person will be compassionate during and after hearing your life situation story.

A patient ear from a personal confidant allows you to discuss and find solutions to situations that require a good listener. A good listener is a character trait that very few people execute, because they’re either too busy interrupting and telling you “their” story, or else they really haven’t heard a word you said.

For those times when you either want to keep your situation private and confidential, or when just really need someone who is able to provide objective and professional feedback, then you would do well to search for a personal consultant. Reach out to learn more about personal support services.

Healing with Shared Stories

Maybe you’ve had one or more personal experiences burning inside of you ever since childhood and you’ve kept it a secret. But now, many, many years later, you can’t seem to move past a series of events that left you devastated as a child. What do you do to move forward? Whom do you trust with that information?

You’ll know when the time is right and you’ll feel like you just have to share your story or else you will remain stuck. The route to personal success always begins with the first step. And don’t quit searching for that personal confidant until you find him or her who you feel comfortable with.

Start out with a list of three things that you are willing to discuss with several consultants, but don’t reveal your secrets until you’ve found a person you trust and can feel good working with. If you find that person on your first visit, then great! If not, then schedule an appointment with the second person on your list. The goal is to find a personal confidant with a patient ear who is there for you, 100 percent.

Kendall Van Blarcom is a senior helping seniors. Contact Van Blarcom Consulting today for help with your personal problems. Or, reach out to provide support for an older adult in your life.

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