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The Way I Tell Stress to Take a Leap Off a Cliff

Stress – don’t you hate it? It comes and goes, and leaves a mess behind it.

For as many years as I’ve been alive, I’ve had to deal with stressful situations. Most of the time, I just tell it to jump off a cliff.

You may think this is silly, but it’s truly what has helped me get over the stress that used to wash over me and make me useless. Sound familiar?

Tell Stress to Jump Off a Cliff

Everyone deals with stress. No one can get away from it.

It’s not about the stress, though. It’s what you do with it that matters.

Okay – so let’s say you’re nervous right now.

I want you to try something:

Tell yourself that you are about to talk to Stress. Now, take a minute to look at Stress right in the eye. You know, that thing that is bugging you so much. When you’re looking right at Stress, tell it point blankly to jump off a cliff. Say, “GO jump off a cliff.”

Once you say this, you are not done yet. You have to do see Stress jump off the cliff or it’s not going to work.

Close your eyes if you have to or just do it with your eyes shut – whatever you feel will work best.

Now, look at Stress again and walk it turn around, walk to a cliff, and take one big leap off of it. If you would like, you can even peer off the edge of the cliff and see Stress falling and falling and falling into the big abyss of who knows.

After you see Stress take a leap off the cliff, I want you to assess how you feel.

When I do this, I feel much better. It’s as though I have taken the stress that was bothering me so much and threw it away – got rid of it.

Didn’t work for you?

I need to ask – how much did you believe this was going to work? Were you skeptical? If so, that’s the reason it didn’t work. You didn’t actually do it the way you’re supposed to because correctly, you should confidently tell Stress to go away and you should literally see him jump off a cliff in your mind’s eye.

Try it again and this time, do it like you mean it.

No one is going to know you are doing this right now. This is between you and Stress.

Why It Works

The reason this works is because you are using imagery to help eliminate stress. Imagery can do great things for you. It can lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and of course, stress levels. It’s a lot like meditating, but this is active meditating because you are in action as you are focusing on the thing that is bothering you most – Stress.

I have many other tricks I can teach you to help you through life’s trials and tribulations. Book a session with me Kendall Van Blarcom now, so we can start working on your inner peace, so you can get back to what really matters – living life.

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